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Brooklawn Diner Opens Wed.; Gun Advocates Blame Sweeney; Support the Men in Blue


by William E. Cleary Sr. 

The Brooklawn Diner, Route 130 at the Brooklawn traffic circle, will be opening tomorrow, Wednesday, at 7am. Michael Petrogiannis and his three brothers are the new owners. They also own the South Philadelphia’s Melrose Diner, the Mayfair Diner,  the Country Club Diner in Northeast Philadelphia, the Broad Street Diner, La Veranda Restaurant, Tiffany’s Restaurant, the Warminster West in Bucks County and various Michael’s Diners.  

According to Donna Anderson, a spokesperson for the Petrogiannis family, the Brooklawn Diner will be opened seven days a week, 24-hours a day. 


The renovation of the abandoned property began in May 2014. photo by Earl Foster

Kostas, Inc., the last owner, closed the diner without any announcement a few days before Christmas in December 2011. Kostas, Inc., had accumulated close to $4 million in debt, and filed for Chapter 11 in April 2011. The diner was sold at sheriff's sale Jan. 18, 2012 to the law firm Riker and Danzig in Morristown.

This will be the fourth diner located in this immediate area of South Jersey. Besides the Brooklawn Diner, there is the Metro Diner, also in Brooklawn, The Gateway Diner, and The Piston Diner both in Westville. They are all within a short driving distance of each other.

photo below:Brooklawn Diner Entrance (photo credit: Donna Anderson) 


PROTESTORS BLAME SWEENEY--The West Deptford Township home of State Senator Stephen Sweeney was picketed on Sunday by members of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS). They blamed Sweeney and the state legislature for the death of Berlin resident Carol Bowne who was stabbed to death last week by an ex-boyfriend. 


Protestors march in front of Sweeney's West Deptford home (NJ2AS Facebook page)

According to, the group believes Sweeney is "singularly to blame" because of policies that made it "impossible for Bowne and other victims of domestic violence, to defend themselves."

Police arrived at the protest site and questioned NJ2AS President Alexander Roubian about the demonstration.

Roubian stated on the organization’s Facebook page, “Sweeney calls the police department while we were peacefully protesting in front of his home. He was interviewed the day after (06/08/2015) and stated "Police departments are under-armed and overwhelmed. I'm in complete agreement that they should modernize the system." 

 “Interesting how when his life is not even in danger he gets four police cars parked in front of his home and a full security detail. But excuses Carol Bowne's murder as "tragic" and due to police being “overwhelmed.” reported that Bowne had gone to Berlin police in April to apply for a firearms permit. The township's police chief said that the process takes about two months; pro-gun groups said state criminal code requires a response from the approving authority within 30 days.

"She was ambushed. It's sad people would try to use such a tragedy," Sweeney said Monday.

Michael Eitel, 45, was found dead Saturday after he hung himself inside the Berlin home of a different ex-girlfriend. Bowne had a restraining order placed against the man who confronted her late Wednesday outside her home.