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CNB Business News: Pure Collagen Fibre Can Reduce Under-Eye Wrinkles or Circles


In as Little as 15 Minutes 

             Women and men can now have their under-eye wrinkles, puffiness or dark circles look lighter- -and younger- -for special occasions. 

             This all-day beneficial result is due to 100% freeze-dried Collagen Fibre Eye Pads, now available to the general public. 

             The Collagen Fibre Eye Pads, from Reviva Labs, Haddonfield, N.J., are available at health food stores, skin care salons, cosmetic stores and at

             A new ingredient, Myoxinol, from the Hibiscus flower has been added by Reviva Labs for even more anti-wrinkle enhancement. 

            Myoxinol infused into Collagen helps relax skin tissue for Botox-like action.  

            Users have reported disappearing "crows feet" and temporary disappearance of baggy eyes and even dark-color areas from fringes around the eyes. 

             The younger-looking eye-area appearance offer a personal good feeling at business meetings, major social affairs, reunions and other "want to look younger" occasions.


            "It is to be noted that there are also cumulative benefits from more frequent usage", a Reviva Labs chemist says. 


            The Reviva Labs Collagen-Fibre Eye Pads come in a "kit" box with four pairs of special eye contour shape freeze-dried pads, plus 2-oz. mineral-rich Gel to "prep" the area before eye-pad application. A 8-pair package, without the Gel is also available. 


            In using Reviva's 100% pure Collagen Fibre Eye Pads, wait 15-20 minutes, remove the ye pads, and for hours see under-eye look as lighter and brighter. 



            For more information contact Reviva Lab's, 705 Hopkins Rd., Haddonfield 


N.J. 08033; Tel.: 800-257-7774; Fax:  856-429-0767, or visit