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CNB Pet Tip of the Week: MARKING


by Dawn Watson


( June 13, 2015--Look up Dogs mark their territory by urination or defecation. Some dogs will lick to show ownership.

   Most humans think that a lick from a dog is the same as a kiss from a human. While this might be a fun way to think it is probably incorrect.

   If you consider the theory of dogs being descendants of wolves, you can see why a wolf would want his territory to be easily identified by other wolves. The pack will fiercely defend its territory against predators, ensuring that pups are safe and the pack remains intact. If no markings are present, other predators will invade the territory and over-take it.

   Dogs will instinctively mark objects or territories they consider their own: toys, people, beds, areas in the home. If you work with them long enough you will probably be able to limit their marking to the outdoors. However, a dog that constantly licks its human owner may be subtly indicating separation anxiety (fear of abandonment). Likewise, if you offer your face for a ‘kiss’ the dog 6a00d8341bf7d953ef014e88bbef7e970d-200wi
will respond by ‘marking’ your face by licking you! While this isn’t as much fun as thinking you’ve just been kissed, it’s probably a more correct explanation.

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 Pictured: "Dylan"

Wado udohiyu, (thank you very much in the Cherokee language

Dawn Watson