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CNB Archives October 2009: Candidate Levins Explains Reasons for Running

6a00d8341bf7d953ef01bb07cd860f970d-800wiCNB Archives Posted Friday, October 23, 2009


About me: I am 35 years old and a life long resident of Gloucester City. I am a husband to a wonderful wife and the father of two amazing little girls. I am a Process Control Operator for Sunoco’s Philadelphia Refinery and a proud member of the United Steelworkers Union. 


Why I decided to runI decided to run for City Council not because 6a00d8341bf7d953ef0120a5ba264e970cI seek a long future in politics but because I got tired of complaining about the issues facing our community. I grew up here, I bought a house here, my wife and I brought two children into the world here. Like you, we want our City to be a safe, prosperous community for us, our families, friends and our children.

My campaign: I do not offer seasoned knowledge or political experience. My novice campaign literally consists of me, my wife and a couple of caring friends. I have been very grateful to receive the support of other concerned citizens along the way but mine remains a small, grassroots campaign committed to the residents of Gloucester City. 

What I offer: I believe our City would benefit from having a truly Independent Councilman to answer the concerns of residents without regard to party, group or County affiliations. I am an Independent and I will remain an Independent if elected; that is my “truth in advertising” pledge to you.

My sole intent is to bring transparency to our City government and to be your Independent Watchdog for the issues that concern us all. Issues like spending, taxes, planning, development, business growth, labor relations and public safety.

I offer a proven philosophy of sound principles. I believe a successful team member, supervisor or representative must use these principles when working with others to improve any condition. 

Principles such as: 

  • Aggressive Listening – good ideas should be heard and considered, regardless of their source
  • Utilize the knowledge, expertise and experience of those who work with you
  • Praise achievements and only use constructive criticism when needed to promote a productive working environment - a scorned team member always becomes less productive
  • Communication promotes cooperation 
  • Never make promises that are out of your control to keep
  • Your word is your bond 


These basic principles are ones that I have successfully used throughout my working career and ones that I will employ if elected.

When you go to the polls on Tuesday, November the 3rd, I hope you will consider voting for me in Column 8.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Respectfully submitted,

Wil Levins

Independent Candidate for Gloucester City Council, Second Ward


A Voter said...

Mr. Levins: You stated you got tired of complaining about problems, before this year how many council meeting did you attend? Did you ever bring your concerns to the city council or mayor? If you did when and how?

Another Voter said in reply to A Voter...

What good has it ever done to go to a council meeting?
You see the same dog and pony show each month.
You ask a question and get a "I'll look into it".
Or you might get a handshake from the Mayor prior to the meeting with a "what is your bitch tonight"?

Tom said...

Agreed with comment 2. Attending the meetings and getting turned away or just fed the "we'll look into treatment" only goes so far. The great part about the internet, people can bitch anywhere. 

In all seriousness, Wil is willing to be the voice of the people and actually keep us in the loop, even if he delivers half of what he promises, that's more then we're getting now.

I'll take it.


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