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CNB ARCHIVES 2009:Mount Ephraim Purchases Ambulance for $1.00

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Bill Bates

Mount Ephraim  Correspondent

At the Mount Ephraim Board of Commissioners (BOC) meeting on August 6, the BOC announced that they had purchased an ambulance that is no longer needed by the borough of Oaklyn for $1.00. The ambulance that is several years old is low in miles and will be used by Mount Ephraim EMS to replace an older ambulance this is in need of some costly repairs. Several minor things have to be completed to meet state requirements and also to change the lettering from Oaklyn to Mount Ephraim, but that is all minor cosmetics. 

Commissioner of Public Safety Andy Gilmore said “It was a great, great opportunity to make this purchase at such a fantastic price.” “This effort saved the taxpayers approximately $150,000 and will be a great asset for the community” Commissioner Gilmore further added. The life expectance on an ambulance is approximately eight to ten years.


Several Public Works employees have been designated to fill specific responsibilities within the borough. The new appointments are Recycling Coordinator Kenny Jones, Storm Water Officer Christopher Fitzgerald, Foreman James Beebe and Borough Mechanic Robert Wolfe.

Total bills for the month of July were $334,871.76 including $185,327 to the Board of Education for school taxes and $3,916.85 to the NJ American Water Company.

The due date for the 3rd quarter tax payments has been extended. The BOC authorize Tax Collector Marie Darlington to extend the 3rd Quarter Taxes to August 28, 2009. After that date taxes will be deemed delinquent with interest accruing from the statutory due date of August 1, 2009.

The BOC passed a resolution to declare it’s support for the “Over the Limit, Under Arrest” 2009 Statewide Crackdown from August 21 through September 7, 2009 and pledges to increase awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving. A $6,000 grant was received from the state for DWI enforcement. This is the largest DWI the borough has received to date.

The Director of the Division of Local Government Services approves the insertion of revenue in the budget for 2009 to include the sum of $6,000 from the State of NJ “Over the Limit, Under Arrest” Program. 

A shared services agreement between the borough and Camden County for access to the county’s armored vehicle for certain critical incidents if the need arises. 

Another resolution was read accepting the bid from Rizzo/Valenti, Inc. to purchase the property known as 324 Davis Avenue, Block 109, Lot 3 on the borough tax map. An open public sale at auction was conducted pursuant to the requirements of NJSA 40A 12-13(a) as well as borough resolution 69-09. Several bids were received but the highest bid was accepted from Rizzo/Valenti, Inc. in the amount of $40,000, $15,000 more then the minimum asking price.

The borough will purchase a leaf machine for the Public Works Department from Gran Turk Equipment Company, Inc. from Bridgeport, PA in the amount of $27,525 to replace an aging unit that is no longer dependable to the borough. Gran Turk was the lowest of three bidders that were received by the borough.

Director of Public Safety Andy Gilmore read the Police Report for the month of July. Chief Doblemam reported that there were 484 calls received for the month. Some highlights were 30 ambulance calls, 5 assaults, 3 burglary, 7 civil complaints, 12 domestic violence offenses, 7 driving while intoxicated (DWI), 11 drug related, 20 harassment, 51 information/miscellaneous, 2 juvenile complaints, 1 Megan Law violation, 17 motor vehicle accidents, 20 suspicious vehicle/person and 7 thefts. No juvenile arrests were made for the month but 47 adults were arrested. 23 out of town warrants/arrests were issued. $9,474.23 was collected in municipal court fines.

Fire Chief Mario Scullan reported that MEFD, Station 45 conducted 2 hands-on drills and answered 29 calls for the month for a total of 239 man hours.

Public Works Director Bruce Greenwald read the DPW report for the month. Supervisor Kenny Jones reported 74,840 lbs. of single stream recycling was collected. 211 tons of trash was collected costing the borough $13,546.24, 63 yards of brush costing $441.00, 13 yards of stumps/logs costing $121.00 and 1240 lbs of metal was collected with the borough receiving $76.15. Commissioner Greenwald was happy to report that July was another month where no safety violations were reported.

Commissioner Greenwald on behalf of the Board of Commissioners wanted to publicly thank all departments and town residents that helped make this years July 4 Parade a very successful one. Several residents have complimented that it was one of the best parades in years.

Construction Official Steve Beach issued a total of 31 construction permits collected $19,615.00 for the month.

The borough engineer reported the plans for Phase 2 of the Kings Highway Street Scape are being finalized. The plans include brick pavers from the railroad tracks down to Market Street and park benches as well as trash receptacles are included. The Cedar Avenue Resurfacing Project is fifty percent complete as the concrete curbs have been completed and the paving is scheduled to be completed within the next week weather permitting.

During the public portion of the meeting a neighbor inquired about the illegal towing business being run 24 hours a day out of a residential home in the unit block ok Harding Avenue just off Kings Highway. The employees come in and out all hours of the day and night with their tow trucks disturbing the quality of life in a residential neighborhood. The borough advised the concerned resident that they are aware of the problem and that they are taking the proper state guidelines to handle the issue. The borough advised the neighbor to leave there name and number after the meeting so the borough could be in contact with them.

The next public meeting of the Mount Ephraim Board of Commissioners will be held on Thursday, September 3, 2009 commencing at 8:00 pm in the borough meeting room.

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