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CNB ARCHIVES: Gloucester City Council Candidate Says He Is Disappointed in “James Gang”

6a00d8341bf7d953ef01bb07cd860f970d-800wiCNB Archives:Originally published Friday, September 11, 2009

 “I will be a Independent watchdog for Gloucester City’s residents” 

…Wil Levins, Independent Candidate for Gloucester City Council, Second Ward

Press Release

When the James Ticket announced their Independent Candidacies in the summer of 2006, I was intrigued by their vision and their concerns for our community. They offered a different political choice for voters as well as the potential for using Independent overclip_image003sight.

In October 2006, Mayoral Candidate Bill James wrote in the Gloucester City News, “The time has come, ladies and gentlemen, to stand up to “the machine,” of a select group of people, who have controlled your lives for far too long.” He also stated in the same article, “The Independent candidates are not politicians and we are not affiliated with the Democrat or Republican parties of the present or the Independent party of the past. We are three regular guys who are apolitical and unlike politicians our efforts and dedication to community are not lauded in the newspaper.”

Unfortunately I was disappointed to see that the James ticket did not remain Independent after winning election. Instead they chose to take over the same “Machine” that they had campaigned against. As a voter who related to their Independent spirit, I did not find their move as a sign of being from “apolitical, regular guys.”

Unlike their 2006 position, I am an Independent Candidate and will remain Independent if elected. I owe no patronage and I am not bound by any individual or group affiliations. I chose to run for office, unsolicited, because I feel our municipal government deserves at least one Independent person on City Council who will speak for disenfranchised Democrats, Republicans and Independents. I believe we need at least one Councilmember who will be a watchdog for government spending and challenge potential abuses of authority.

Though I have agreed with many of the James Tickets’ decisions over the past three years, I seriously disagree with some of their spending and labor policies. If you are like me and you believe our government needs Independent oversight, than I ask you to consider my candidacy by visiting .





This is exactly what we need in Gloucester, a fresh perspective, keep working hard Wil. I know when you say you will remain Independent, you will keep your word. Thanks for caring for this city.

Second Ward said...

If we have the guts to elect Wil Levins and Wil has the guts to make all of us know what he and the rest of the governing body are doing we will all be pleasantly surprised how things will change.

Right now seeing inside the political box is nearly impossible. First there needs to be a window to look into and then someone must turn on the light inside the box.

Wil Levins can be that person. He may not be able to reverse democrat club decisions but he can shed light on them before they are enacted.

As Strickland said, the James Gang has been a real disappointment. It is up to us to show them just how much we are disappointed. Nick will still be a loyal member of the democrat club but he will be replaced by a window and a light.

It is up to all of us in the second ward to stand for what is right. We sure could use the help of the rest of the town.

R. M. said...

Wil Levins has my vote and full campaign support if he needs it. This is just what Gloucester City needs. Wil is a man who is true to his word, if he says he's independent, then rest assured he will stay that way.

I have spoken to Wil on many occasions, read his viewpoints and know him personally. This is the man we want in City Council. He will stand up for what he believes in, address what needs to be addressed, and get answers when the people in this city want and need answers.

I would be proud to help him with his campaign, and I am proud to call him my friend.

lost.... said...

What part of town is Ward 2? Thanks! 

Gormans Gone Forever said in reply to Second Ward...

You have to be kidding me. If you truly beleive that the Mayor and Council have been a real disappointment over the past three years you must have been living under a rock in the previous years. This group of individuals have done more for "ALL" the taxpayers already than the you know who family did for fifty years. I have known most of these guys my whole life and can tell you that they are not real politicians they are good hard working family men.These guys work extremely hard for "ALL" the taxpayers in G.C. and not just the chosen few like in the past years. I am not taking nothing away from Wil but if you seriously beleive that you can get anything done in this country much less this little town as an independent than you know absolutely nothing about politics. Good luck with your campaign but I think the people of G.C. know that you can not fix something in a couple of years that took fifty years to get this screwed up.

Second Ward said in reply to Gormans Gone Forever...

It didn't take fifty years to consumate the boat fiasco. And anyone who believes Chatham Square can reach the break even point is under the same rock you are under.

Remember you democrat club members operate with the same rules and bylaws. New Dem or Old Dem, it is still the same old Gloucester City Democrat Club with all the same old cronies and a few new ones trying to play God.

Being good family men doesn't qualify you to lead the city. Look at the group they surrounded themselves with when they ousted the remainder of of the Gorman team. Give me one special qualification, skill or ability for each of the members of the present governing body that directly benefits the operation of this city.

Is there any member of the governing body that is not a member of the democrat club? Is there any member of the present governing body who has opposed a club decision in favor of the taxpayers?

boat sank city sinking said...

get a grip gone forever, your buddies are a joke. they're sinking the city like that boat

Sissy said in reply to boat sank city sinking...

What happened to the boat?
Was there any damage to the boat?
You can't really brake a metal boat can you?

Mommyof3 said...

Wil Levins is a wonderful person, who will give 110 percent into improving Gloucester City. He is not afraid to speak his mind. I wish him luck and he has my full support.

Gormans Gone Forever said in reply to Mommyof3...

Second Ward I thought you would be replying to this. Just because your a wonderful person doesn't qualify you to be a councilman. Or is that not the same as a hard working family man.

Second Ward said in reply to Gormans Gone Forever...

Wil Levins has stated what he will do if elected.
What have the incumbents said they will do?
It looks like they are just trying to unravel what they have done.
Try answering the questions if you think your team has any real qualifications to run the city.


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