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CNB ARCHIVES MAY 2009: Gloucester City Voters Be Prepared for 3 Elections in 2 Months

CNBNews Archives published Friday, May 22, 2009

By William E. Cleary Sr.

Opposing Primary candidates of the present Gloucester City Mayor and Council submitted a 6a00d8341bf7d953ef01bb07cd860f970d-800wipetition on May 19 to the City Clerk Paul Kain requesting a referendum be placed on the ballot to change the present form of government to a Council-Manager form of municipal government.

If the signatures on the petition are validated there would be a special election to vote on the referendum on June 16 just two weeks after the June 2 Primary, followed by another special election in July to vote on the candidates who would be running at large for council. The terms of the present mayor and council members would cease and they (Mayor Bill James, and council members Bill Hagan, John Hutchinson, Bruce Parry, Nick Marchese, Kellie Ferry and Jay Brophy) would have to vacate their seats by August 11, 2009.

The cost for the special election (s) is not known at this time. However, it goes without saying that ballots would have to be printed, and mailed, poll workers would need to be hired, along with the cost of moving voting machines from the county election board to the city’s polling sites. Not once but twice.

The Real Deal Democrat candidates who submitted the petition and are causing all this turmoil in the City are Shawn Green, Maggie Gorman-Kain (wife of Municipal Clerk Paul Kain), Noreen Renzi, and Independent candidate Wil Levins.

A public notice signed by Munciipal Clerk Kain explaining this bizarre scenario was posted today on the City’s website. A copy of it appears below.





Please be advised that a Direct Petition for a referendum to abandon the current form of government and adopt a Municipal Council-Manager form in accord with New Jersey Statues Title 40, Chapter 79, Section 1 et seq. has been received by my office as of Tuesday, May 19, 2009 at 4:10 PM.

The question posed is:

“Shall the current form of government for Gloucester City be abandoned and replaced with subtitle 5 of the Title Municipalities and Counties of the Revised Statues (40:79-1 et seq.), providing for a municipal manager form of government, wherein the non partisan governing body of councilpersons shall consist of 5 members who shall be elected at-large for four-year concurrent terms who shall appoint a municipal manager and who shall select from amongst themselves a mayor, be adopted in the City of Gloucester City?”

If adopted, this form of government shall become operative commencing on a date four weeks immediately following such election; the council members shall be elected at a special election to be held on the fourth Tuesday following approval of the referendum (anticipated to be July 14, 2009); and the new council members shall take office on the fourth Tuesday following their election at 12 noon (anticipated to be August 11, 2009) and shall remain in office until 12 noon of July 1, 2013. The terms of the current governing body shall cease as of 8-11-2009 and their terms of all appointive officials and subordinates shall cease four weeks after organization of the municipal council unless otherwise protected by statue.

I am presently in the process of certifying the signatures included on the petition; 247 registered voters must have signed such petition. A total of 273 signatures have been received. I am also ascertaining the costs associated with this special election for referendum and subsequent special election for councilpersons (if necessary).

According to the statue, the vote required for adoption must be a majority cast as well as at least equal in number to at least 30 percent at the preceding election. Approximately 4200 votes were cast in November 2008; 30 percent would be 1,260 votes in the affirmative necessary for approval. These numbers I must still certify.

I will keep the public abreast of these matters as soon as they are clarified and an official public notice of the time and place of this election shall be forth coming.

Paul J. Kain

City Clerk

Public Notice 

Political Donnybrook on the Horizon


VOTE NO said...

These gorman kain people are unbelievable. They are costing us alot of money already and they weren't voted in yet. Wake up that's why we need to vote column 3 in this election. These people are trouble makers. We have to vote no to this. Plus half of those people on the petition didn't even know what they were signing. A total scam. Go away maggie an take Paul with you.

Details Details said...

Mr. Cleary I think you meant to write "bizarre scenario" not "bazaar scenario". A bazaar is a market for buying and selling goods, such as in the Middle East.

Pillow Pants said...

No More Gormans please!!!!!!

John P. Schmidt said...

Mr. Cleary, I went to the council meeting last night. Mr. Kain stated at the meeting to mayor and council that each election would cost roughly $25,000. So if the the question to change government is approved for two elections it would cost around $50,000.

In my view I wish this could wait to November if the voters have to vote on this because I think $50,000 could be better spent on something else then a special election.

Question said...


Do you think getting rid of Bevans would be a good way to pay for one of the elections?

Can I get my name removed? said...

OK, I know I should have read it more carefully, but when I signed this petition, Maggie Gorman Kain never mentioned the present council would have to vacate their seats in August or that two special elections would be needed. She told me, and the others who signed along with me, that it was just to get rid of the wards. Like I said, I should have known better than to trust.....

on the Blog not on the job said...

$1 says nick Marchese spends half his day on this blog

GC Boat Club aka The James Gang said...

The heck with the election, we can use that $ to buy beer for the boat!!!!!!

Levins Fan said...

Can I get my name removed?

Signing that petition was the best political decision you ever made. Even if you are not smart enough to realize it.

State your name said...

If she lied say so!

Ideas said...

if these elections are approved the the next city election will be in 4 years so the city will save on the cost of the next 4 elections.

Or maybe mayor and council could give up there medical benefits this would more than cover the cost of the elections...

Old Dem said...

It looks like Paul Kain out smarted the James Gang again.

This didn't happen when we ran the city.

Dave Townsend said...

The information regarding the number of elections and the current mayor and council possibly having to vacate in August boggles my mind.

Its interesting that the old Democrats give the choice of a new city charter to a group of five by appointing a commission and now, it appears they want to rush into such a change without a Charter Study Commission. ensure people they like are elected?

For that reason, I intend to NOT vote for the suggested change, at least, not at this time. I do feel it is a ploy as some here have suggested.

The James Gang, though not exactly on point in my book, have been OK, and should be allowed to finish out their terms..

Best thing would be to schedule a charter change vote (without giving the decision to a commission) for just before the current Mayor's term ends, giving his gang a chance to prove themselves, and giving the public more time to become educated about the very important choice they would be making next month if this nonsense should go through.

Dave Townsend,
North King Neighborhood

H. Nevins said...

Mr. Cleary
Your blog rules say no name calling, yet you allow these people criticizing you to call you all kinds of awful things. Why? Rules are rules. They should pertain to everyone not just a few people.

well said...

The present gang campaigned on and promised a change in government. But once they got in office they reneged. This is only helping them keep there word.

Patricia Watson said...

I am all for a change in gloucester city's charter but not this way. I don't trust the Kains and Gormans never did never will. They are all about themselves not Gloucester City. Just look at the number of them that are on the public's payroll. They take and take and never give anything back unless they benefit from it.
Put the question on the November ballot after we are all educated on what we are actually voting on and not until then.

Not a Kain Fan said...

Whether you love him or hate him, you have to give Paul Kain credit for getting everyone's attention.

It is a classic example of how powerful knowledge/information can be. Paul has consistently denied others of public information so as to maintain his control over others. That includes his bosses, mayor and council.

He is politically more savvy than his bosses and has used that trait to his advantage. He never stops playing the game and he doesn't care how much it costs. He is a true political competitor.

Now that he has give all of us a wake up call we should take advantage of the moment. After all, when is the last time you saw the people have a real chance to change this old and antiquated ward system concept?

Let's follow through with the idea of real change. If it is not perfect it is still better than what we have endured for decades. We can still reelect the best of the James Gang while taking at the very least one step forward.

I wouldn't vote for a Gorman or a Kain for any political position but I would vote for a change in our club controlled town.

Vote Column 3 said...

The people who signed this petition were presented with a different document than that which was handed into Paul Kain. It is a scam, and therefore, it is ILLEGAL. Is this really how you want to see our city being run? I hope the whole town finds out about this scam and finds out the true colors of the candidates under Column 7.

Not a Kain Fan said...

Vote Column 3

Don't get excited. The petition and the council election are two separate issues. Vote for the best council candidates. Also vote YES for the petition if you want to change to a better system of government than what we have now.

If the petition succeeds you will still be able to vote for your favorite candidate again. If you didn't read the petition before signing be sure to do so in the future.

Patriotic H. Democrat said...

Patriotic H. Democrat supports Column 3

My friends have asked me who am I supporting in the upcoming Primary Election in Gloucester City?

It is obvious to me the so called Real GC Democrats are phonies so I am throwing my support behind the candidates in Column 3. I hope you do the same.

The REAL Patriotic H. Democrat said...

Don't be fooled by imitators. I'm no gang member. Nice try Kaz

not a yes man said...

I think that dissent is dead in Gloucester city. You're either IN the GANG or not in the gang. What ever happenrd to city council being a place for discussion and debate? Now it's a rubber stamp. There is NO check and balance system. ALL members of the same organization is bad no matter what their affiliation. There needs to be diversity of opinion on council and not a bunch of YES men and woman.

Patriotic H. Democrat said...


I dont know who this clown is but I am the real Patriotic H. Democrat and I am voting for the candidates in Column 3. I urge all my friends to do the same.

go fly a kite said...


I could care less who the hell you vote for.

Vote Column 3, then vote NO said...

not a kain fan,
Judging by your name, we obviously have the same opinion about Kain. However, this proposal is just costing the city more money by running more elections. The city now must cover the costs of poll-workers (who earn $75 each for the day), police/security (all overtime), poll machine transportation, etc. As far as being able to elect the James Gang under the new form of government, it is ridiculous that, after a few years of dedication and hard work, the city would reward them by forcing them to vacate their seats. Anyone with any sort of integrity would at least wait until the next mayoral election for this proposal (Right Kain-Gorman?). And you say that I should read the entire petition when it is presented to me? Petition signers were presented with a DIFFERENT document than that which was handed into Paul Kain. Even if they were to read the entire document, it was only a paragraph long, and didn't include the other two pages that was handed in to the Clerk's Office. That doesn't sound like fair-play to me.

Questions and vote YES to the Referendum said...

Vote Column 3, then vote NO

Let me see if I understand you. You want folks to vote for Jon Corzine all the rest of George Norcross' cronies straight down the line. Aren't these the same people that said they weren't going to be a tax and spend government? Aren't these the same people who have us at the top of the list of highest taxes in the country?

Or are you speaking of the local election only?

You say you are concerned about the cost of the possible elections. Were you concerned about the cost of Chatham Square or the $40,000.00 per month interest payment on the principle.

You say you are concerned about the $75.00 cost of poll workers. Were you concerned about the $206,000.00 cost of the floating classroom plus the cost of water, sewer, electric and engineering and pier improvements? What is that number by the way?

Could you explain the overtime issue for police/security?

How bad would it be to have the possibility of electing council members at large?

"not a yes man" makes an excellent point when he says we have failed the voting public by having only one group (democrat club) make all the decisions for the entire city. How do you feel about his position?

Smitty said...

Vote Yes for Col. 3 No for Referendum

In other words you want us to go back to having Kains and Gormans in charge of our city. Let's look at just some of the things that happened during their time in office.

Under their reign the carpenters union was thrown out of their building and in its place we have the Gorman Manor, an eyesore of a building

Under their reign we have $4 million lost in federal and state grants...

Promises of a housing project on the waterfront but no mention that it would take 10 or more years to clean up the toxic waste....remember the phony bus tour the month before the 2006 election

A seafood store for the dooley property but no sign papers

Spending $500,000 for the Dooley buiding

A $400,0000 senior citizens grant lost on Paul's desk...found months before it was to expire by the James administration

A City administrator (Kain) who was not qualified for the job. Most recently charged with insubordination

Do you think we would have found out about this mismanagement of our city if the James Administration had not been elected? I don't.

Vote yes for Col. 3 and vote No on the referendum

to be continued.

Vote Column 3, then vote NO said...

Listen, all of the costs you have stated have bettered the city in one way or another. I just don't understand how a Kain-Gorman run manager-council type government would better the city. Thats all I have to say.

sick an tired of gormans said...

Questions and vote yes to ref
You must be bobby gorman? Smitty you stole my thunder. So back to you bob and you can read to maggie. What about that stupid pier on kings str, I guess that wasn't a waste of money huh. What about that senior complex on broadway did we really need that. Then you name after your father, why didn't the taxpayers have any say in that. Theres alot of veterans that gave their life from Gloucester that should have their name on that. Anyway waste of money. Ok what about paul kain was he qualified to hold the admin title? NO!!! Us taxpayers footed the bill to educate him on how to LOSE businesses and grants for Gloucester. I applaud the James gang for removing him from his duties and standing up to the useless GORMANS. Bob you ruined Gloucester with all the section 8 you brought in. And people wonder why we have all this crime in town. Thanks bob. And this goes for you to maggie you have nothing to give Gloucester except trouble. We all know why you in this race #1 your husband job and #2 your family told you. The Gormans had years and years to get it right and FAILED. This admin only been in 2 and a half years and I seen a big change in the holy city. Its over get over it a move on. COLUMN 3 AND VOTE NO

the gang is no good for our city said...

hey smitty,

the james gang re-appointed kain twice. now they have a guy in there that they rave about but wont let him make any decisions. the gang has three lawsuits on their hands, two of them from employees, one of them for 10 million dollars. they have been taken to court by the fire dept and embarrassed, the police has embarrassed them in court and still are, the highway dept has embarassed them in court several times. the gang rubber stamps everything just like that joke of a fair trial they had for paul kain. a bunch of yes men who have drained our tax money on stupid decisions and arrogance. every single employee is voting against them, even if gola runs

Face it Gloucester isn't all white anymore said...

The thinly veiled racism in a lot of these posts is SICKENING!

Comments like:

"Gloucester like it used to be"

"ruined with section 8 housing"

etc., etc., etc.



The gang is no good for the city,

Your comment makes know sense. I guess your one on them maggie supporters. You might want to hold your breath when you say every single employee is voting against the gang. I DONT THINK SO get your facts straight buddy. There's a lot of support out there, you dont know whats happens behind the booth. Anyway go back out there and put up your ghetto looking signs all over Bobby Gormans rental properties. By the way talk about wasting money, why in the heck would you buy a one sided sign and put them back to back? Uuh Duh wouldn't you buy a two sided sign, you know the make them right? YA use guys might get my vote. YA RIGHT!!!!!!!!

Just Saying said...

sick an tired of gormans

The James Gang should be able to win the election easily but they need to separate themselves from the democrat club to gain the trust of the voters.

Since they can't bring themselves to put the voters first it is time for the voters to establish an at large system and do away with the antiquated ward system.

Doesn't the democrat club rent their building from Bobbie Gorman? They are probably the worst group of renters in the city and he is probably the worst landlord.

To vote YES is to vote for the taxpayers.
To vote NO is to vote for the democrat club.

To vote YES is a vote against the ward system, the democrat club control of the city and against any future Kain-Gorman control.

The Landslide is Coming!!!! said...

That really is you Bobbie Gorman, I guess the language, using Gola yup, that's you.

So, nice to "hear" from you, how is Moorestown?

I think that you are about to see Maggie lose by a LANDSLIDE!!!! Partly because of the way that you were as a lousy Mayor. The section 8 makes the town look like a slum. Thanks again to the Gorman-Kain Klan for screwing up what was once a decent town to live in, now it's full of crime and a great # of lowlifes 
The Landslide is Coming!!!!!!!
Vote Column 3


Just saying,

I couldn't agree with you more with the James gang winning easily. One thing though, the demcrat club doesn't run Gloucester, mayor James does. That club is so different from a couple years ago. Trust me I stopped going. It was horrible, it was all about power an control from the gormans, kains and the rest of there useless famiies. The James gang really cleaned it up. It's a bunch of hard working people that donate alot of there time an OWN money to benefit gloucester city. So stop by one time an check it out. You'll notice a big difference, I did!

Richard Balzsack said...

I am a big supporter of the james gang. They hang around with me often. I'm glad they're in charge of spending the city's money. I mean they got us that nice boat!

look thoroughly said...

I think I know where you lost that grant paperwork for the $400,000 senior ciizen complex. Have you looked in your back yard?

thoroughly looking said...

look thoroughly you lost your brains. look in that thimble

Pathetic said...

You people are pathetic. You sit here and talk about Gormans and Kains saying what they've done wrong to our city. I would like to see you people get up and try helping. But no, you are to offended by what the Gorman-Kain's do. Don't talk trash on anyone besides yourselves you inconsiderate jerks. Oh, and Column 7 for the win!


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