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2015 Summer Flounder and Black Sea Bass Recreational Regulations

A flounder blends in with its surroundings.A flounder blends in with its surroundings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

>May 21, 2015

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin signed a Notice of Administrative Change to open the recreational summer flounder season on Friday, May 22, 2015. The size and possession limits for summer flounder remain 18 inches and 5 fish per day respectively.

The Shore Based Enhanced Fishing Opportunity Program will continue for 2015 at Island Beach State Park (IBSP). This Program permits anglers to retain only 2 fish per day


(NOT 5 fish) greater than or equal to 16 inches (total length) only at IBSP during the current 2015 New Jersey summer flounder fishing season, which opens on May 22, and remains open until September 26. The Program will be available to "shore-based" anglers only, defined as fishing from a pier, jetty, beach, bank, or marsh. These modified regulations do not apply to anglers fishing from a boat, kayak, canoe, personal water craft, or fish arriving to the shore by means of water craft.

Shore-based angling shall be by hook and line only. Unlike the 2014 fluke season, there will not be a check station for fluke measuring 16 to less than 18 inches. Anglers are required to retain proof of legal entry to IBSP (park receipt) until returning home or until just prior to consumption if the fish are to be consumed prior to the angler returning home. Those holding Mobile Sportfishing Vehicle Permits are required to request a receipt at the front entrance gate of IBSP.

The two fish at 16 inches or greater for shore-based anglers are the regulations on IBSP - anglers can not choose to retain 2 fish at 16 inches or 5 fish at 18 inches, it is 2 fish at 16 inches only. Anglers that possess summer flounder harvested at IBSP may harvest summer flounder outside IBSP provided they abide to the 18-inch size limit and 5 fish possession limit applicable to all other waters (for example, if 1 fish is harvested at IBSP, 4 fish 18 inches or greater may be harvested in waters outside of IBSP).

The Notice also changes the open seasons and possession limits for black sea bass, which are as follows:

2015 Black Sea Bass Seasons and Limits

Open Season

Minimum Length

Possession Limit

May 27 to June 30

12.5 inches

15 fish

July 1 to July 31

12.5 inches

2 fish

Oct 22 to Dec 31

12.5 inches

15 fish

Please note that on page 17 of the print version of the 2015 Marine Digest, there was an incorrect start date for the first open season for black sea bass. The correct opening date is in the above table.

For additional information, anglers can contact the Department's Marine Fisheries Administration at 609-748-2020.