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CNB Tips and Snippets: 

by William E. Cleary Sr. 

6a00d8341bf7d953ef0176176315f9970c-800wiMiddle School Groundbreaking —( City School Superintendent Joseph Rafferty sent a notice on Thursday to Board of Education members and school employees announcing the official date for the groundbreaking of the new Middle School. 

Two laid off employees who contacted CNB about this notice felt the timing of his announcement was callous. 

“Just two days ago Rafferty told a number of us the district couldn’t afford to pay us any longer,” said one employee.  ““Couldn’t he wait a few days until I stopped crying over losing my job before he started bragging about the new school? "

Another laid off worker wrote, “I think the whole thing is callous and it's a slap in the face and screams of hypocrisy,” said another. 

Both laid off employees asked to remain anonymous.

The letter reads, 

On Thursday April 23rd, I received notification from the Schools Development Authority (SDA) of the official date for the groundbreaking of the New Middle School on Monday May 4th at 10:30 am. The SDA will be inviting local and state officials to the groundbreaking. They will be getting back to the school district with other details for that day.

It has been a long time coming for this great educational opportunity for the children of Gloucester City. It is a true academic gift that will continue to provide the children of Gloucester City a lasting chance to build a great future for generations.

The cost of the new middle school is approximately $87 million. 

AREA SCHOOL BUDGETS—Several local school districts have released their budget numbers recently for the 2015-16 fiscal year. 

  • Bellmawr’s budget totals $16,692,866. The district’s estimated enrollment for October 2015— 1,224 pupils or 58 more than last year’s total for the same month.


  • Brooklawn’s budget totals  $6,260,166 for 2015-16. Estimated enrollment for October 2015 is 341 or two students less than last year’s actual total of 339 for October 2014. 


  • Mt. Ephraim’s budget totals $11,068,286 for 2015-16. Estimated enrollment for October 2015 is 434 or four more than last year’s actual number of 430 for October 2014.

 We have asked the Gloucester City School District numerous times for their budget number  only to be told by the superintendent’s office that we will have to wait until the meeting in May. We received this response on Thursday, “The public budget hearing for the Gloucester City Board of Education 2015-2016 budget is scheduled for Thursday, May 7 , 2015 at 7:00 pm in the media center of the high school. Your questions will be answered in that meeting. Have a lovely day.”

BROOKLAWN SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS RESIGN—Board of Education members John Azzari and Lisa Hirst recently resigned from the Brooklawn Board. As a result, the school district is seeking candidates interested in filling the vacancies. The person must be a resident of Brooklawn for a minimum of one year, meet all requirements to be a school board member in NJ, and be a registered voter. Send a letter of interest to R. Delengowski, Alice Costello School, 301 Haakon Road, Brooklawn 08030. Deadline is May 8, 2015.

GREAT SATURDAY ENTERTAINMENT—If you are looking for a great baseball game this weekend look no further than Campbell’s Field in Camden City. Number One ranked Gloucester Catholic and Number Two ranked Don Bosco Prep will face-off Saturday night at 6pm after Kean and Rutgers-Camden play a doubleheader. 

Try to get there early to watch the Raptors battle Kean. Dennis Barth, who coached the Rams for many years is the coach of the Rutgers-Camden team. You’ll find some former Gloucester Catholic alumni playing for Barth, along with other outstanding South Jersey players. I would
rather watch a good high school  baseball game or good college baseball game any day of the week. Compared to professional players, who come off as prima donnas, these guys give it their all every game.

ET CETERA—CNBNews' Facebook details show our recent article about the layoffs and cutbacks in the Gloucester City School District has reached a total of 8,986 people as of 11 am today (Friday). Thank you for your support.