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Gloucester City High School Walk for Awareness of Prescription Drug Abuse Dangers Friday, May 1

GLOUCESTER CITY NJ April 30, 2015 ( drug abuse is at an epidemic

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level throughout the United States. Camden County has been significantly impacted by this problem. In order to raise awareness about this issue, the students at GHS are participating in a Walk for Awareness of Prescription Drug Abuse Dangers. 

During the week before the walk, students listened to daily announcements about prescription drug facts and the school hallways were lined with student made posters illustrating the dangers of prescription drugs. The walk, scheduled for Friday, May 1, 2015 (rain date is May 4, 2015) will take place during the student’s PE classes. The cost is 50  cents per student. All donations will go towards SODAT, which is a local drug prevention program. 

A moment of silence will be held on the day of the walk to recognize the suffering that this epidemic has created.  Addiction not only affects the abuser, but it also causes pain for the family members and friends of those who abuse these drugs.

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