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Deptford's Burlington Store Opens March 20th (42Freeway.com)

Hobby Lobby coming to Deptford - (42Freeway.com)


by Mark Matthews


The surprises continue to roll in for the Almonesson Rd area of Deptford, with the signing of Hobby Lobby coming to join the new Burlington Coat Factory at the Court at Deptford!

Hobby Lobby seems to have a huge fan base, as the Facebook post for this story has already been shared over 50 times in the first hour.

The Court at Deptford is well known as the home to Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Ross.  It took some tough hits over the years starting with the departure of the original Deptford Sam’s Club but is now turning into a thriving center with the very soon to open new Burlington Store and a larger Party City store at a new location.

Read more about the Deptford store here:

Read about the previously announced Cross-Keys store here (with additional information on the store)

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