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Gloucester Township Premium Outlets Construction Video March 2015 (42Freeway.com)

Mark Matthews

Gloucester Township is seeing a major retail development take place along Route 42, totaling more than 400,000 sq ft.  Simon,one of the largest mall and outlet developers in the country is building an Outlet mall in the Blackwood section of Gloucester Township, between Route 42 and the Black Horse Pike.  More specifically, there is a newer overpass bridge and exit on Rt 42 near the Camden County College, and when traveling south bound on 42, if you get off at that exit you will be dropped directly into the new Outlet mall.

If you are confused about the name "Gloucester Premium Outlets" or think maybe I typed it incorrectly...   no, its absolutely correct.   Despite requests from the local town leaders, the developer still decided to not use "Township" in the name, risking confusion with Gloucester City just a few miles away.

So far I've been able to track down 6 stores going it, but the South Jersey Times published an article that 90% of the stores are locked down

For more information on the outlet and other retail happenings in Gloucester Township, read my featured interview with Gloucester Township Mayor, Dave Mayer.

This is a very short and shaky video of the construction progress at the upcoming Gloucester Premium Outlets.  The main walls seemed to be a prefab poured concrete, and all are up.  Some finishing work has started… but this helps give an idea of size and progress for those who don’t have time to drive by.

Its three short clips together; from the 42 angle, the side angle, and then from Black Horse Pike

Right now I dont see many entrances on the outer perimeter, which has me wondering if all the store entrances are focused on inside plazas or if windows and entrances are cut in later (In the second part of the clip it does look like the concrete wall has windows marked out to be cut?)

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