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Turnersville Woman arrested AGAIN for front yard thefts. This time in Deptford

Wawaby Mark Matthews


DEPTFORD NJ--A popular Facebook group for Deptford residents was buzzing recently with  news of stolen packages from a home located along a busy road in town. 

NJ.com reports on the arrest in the case of Turnersville woman, Jeanette Montanez, 47.

Interestingly, what was picked up by a commenter in the same Facebook group, is this is the same woman who was arrested just months ago for stealing holiday decorations in the Blackwood section of Gloucester Township!  That case grabbed a lot of local media attention due to the fact it was holiday decorations.

Back to  the more recent Deptford case, the alleged criminal pulled up into a homeowner's driveway, casually walked up the front walk, and removed a very heavy package which was recently delivered.  Even more surprising, the homeowners were home and their vehicle was parked in the driveway!  The alledged criminal parked right behind the homeowner's vehicle! 

And how do we know this?  Well, the homeowners have a video camera in place, covering the front yard.

The video was shared on Facebook and seen by over 20,000 people.

While it is slightly low resolution, there were enough details in the video for police to connect to someone they were familiar with.  The  NJ.com article states that Jeanette Montanez, 47 of Turnersville was arrested in the thefts.  Oddly, the package was recovered behind a local business, along with another stolen package.  In the video, it is clear to see the woman is struggling with a very heavy package, which turned out to be a box of ammunition.

The added twist is, one of the first commenters on the article (after someone posted in the Deptford forum this morning) noted that this appears to be the same woman who was arrest just this past November, for stealing holiday decorations from the front lawns of homes in the Blackwood section of Gloucester Township!

As mentioned that earlier story gained extra attention, and I found several articles about the crime.   Again in that case, it appears that things were stolen but then dumped!

Reading the articles in the two sets of crimes, it raises a lot of questions about motives, and what additional effort is needed to keep this woman from stealing from innocent homeowners again.

Read more at Deptford house theft article at NJ.com

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