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Philadelphia Based Advanced Medical Homecare Supplies Looking to Expand Sales

WEST CHESTER, Pa.Jan. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Medical Homecare Supplies, Inc., a leading Philadelphia-based home medical equipment and respiratory supplies provider announced plans today to expand their Relaxis™ sales by applying for a GSA Schedule and actively pursuing federal contracts. Government officials utilize GSA Schedules as a means of procuring goods and services, knowing that companies on these schedules have been qualified and thoroughly vetted by the General Services Administration (GSA). Relaxis™, manufactured by Sensory NeuroStimulation, Inc., is the only FDA cleared device for improving the quality of sleep in patients with primary Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).

"The opportunity to service government accounts, specifically the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), opens up significantly more markets throughout the region as our goal continues to be expanded sales of our home care medical supplies," statesMichael J. Hanlon, President at Advanced Medical Homecare Supplies, Inc. He continues, "Getting our company on a GSA schedule will expand our reach not only to the federal level, but also to numerous state and county agencies throughout the region as they will be able to take advantage of our home care products at set government pricing."

Advanced Medical Homecare Supplies is a major distributor of Relaxis™. Relaxis™ is a medical device that uses vibration (a form of counter stimulation) to compete with and diminish the unpleasant sensations of RLS also known as Willis-Ekbom Disease.  It consists of a soft, flat pillow-like pad with six small, but powerful motors strong enough to overwhelm moderate to severe RLS symptoms. The Advanced Medical Homecare Supplies team includes Certified Respiratory Therapists and respiratory experts to assist CPAP and Oxygen using customers with their equipment and supplies. Their Mobility Specialists can assist clients with wheelchair, walker, scooter, lift-chair or other mobility product selections and instruction.

About Advanced Medical Homecare Supplies, Inc.: 
Founded in 2005, Advanced Medical Homecare Supplies specializes in respiratory equipment including CPAP machines and CPAP supplies for sleep apnea treatment and a full line of oxygen equipment including portable oxygen concentrators, home-fill devices, tubing and supplies. They are accredited by ACHC and the BBB and are a contracted Medicare provider for CPAP equipment and supplies. Visit for more information.

SOURCE Advanced Medical Homecare Supplies, Inc.