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The Names of Ferguson Missouri Protestors Arrested between November 24 and November 28


Ferguson Police Arrest 121 Protestors


by William E. Cleary Sr. 

(CNBNEWS.NET)—Following the announcement last Monday, November 24, that Officer Darren 6a00d8341bf7d953ef019afff9d462970d-320wiWilson would not be indicted for fatally shooting Michael Brown, riots broke out in Ferguson, Missouri and across the country.

CNBNews has obtained a list of the 121 suspects arrested in Ferguson between Monday, November 24 and Saturday, November 29 from the St. Louis County Police Department. See here.  

According to those documents 60 people were arrested between the hours of 9:20PM

Monday, November 24 and 3:40AM Tuesday, November 25. Just seven of the suspects were from Ferguson. They included: Darren Brandt, 48, (assault and resisting arrest), Donte Mann, 17, (unlawful assembly), Matthew Davis, 32, (unlawful possession of a firearm), Sonny Dozier, 24, (burglary, stealing over $500), Brandy Canlon, 30, (burglary), Trevor Johnson, 22, (trespassing), Malik Hunter, 19, (trespassing), Johshua Martin Douglas, 18, (burglary, stealing under $500) and Damon Walker, 18, (burglary).


 The larger part of the suspects live in the state of Missouri, while eight of them live in Illinois. Their ages ranged between 17 and 66, but most were in their 20’s. The suspects were charged with either burglary, or receiving stolen property. 

 Between the hours of 7:45PM Tuesday, November 25 and 1:25AM Wednesday, November 26 a total of 45 people were arrested. Only three residents resided in Ferguson. They were: Marquis Alexander, age 30, (unlawful assembly) Cordale Abernathy, age 18 (interfering) and James Dixon, age 19 (ACA). 

 Six of the suspects were from the state of Illinois, four were from the state of New York, and two were from Oklahoma. Two of the suspects who traveled the farthest were Malik Fox-Quilan, age 42, of Kennesaw, GA and Denise Reese, age 32, who listed her residence as Berlin, Germany. The remaining individuals all came from different parts of the state of Missouri. 

 Most of the people arrested during this time period were charged with either unlawful assembly or interfering. Their ages ranged between 17 and 42 with the majority being in their 20’s.

 According to Shawn McGuire, spokesperson for the St. Louis County Police Departments, between Friday night, November 28 and early Saturday morning, November 29  the Unified Command made 16 arrests in front of the Ferguson Police Department. McGuire said, “Most of the charges were for peace disturbance, one suspect assaulted an officer and resisted arrest. Nine of the suspects were from New York, three were from the Chicago, IL area, one was from Iowa, two from California and one from Berkeley, MO.” 

 McGuire said since the riots began there have been 15 police officers injured from objects thrown at them. “All officers were treated at the scene for their injuries. There were no officers transported to hospitals.”

Ferguson was also the scene of riots after Brown was killed on August 9. In a article dated  August 20, 2014, The Washington Post reported that police had arrested 150 people. As many as 80 percent of those arrested were charged with "failure to disperse" amid the street protests. The paper reported that four out of five of the people arrested were from Missouri, almost all from St. Louis. 

 Several reporters covering the most recent protests in Ferguson have been injured. Lorena de la Cuesta, a field producer at RT's Ruptly,  a Russian news agency, said she was injured by a flying tear gas canister.  A British journalist said he was attacked by several teenagers and suffered head injuries. 

According to topconservativenews.com a freelance photographer and a woman working for a Chinese media outlet, were brutally attacked, robbed, and had their car set on fire by supporters of Mike Brown.

A group of four freelance journalist were filming in Ferguson when about 15 heavy armed masked black males began walking towards them. The four scrambled in two different direction. The mob, armed with guns and baseball bats, caught up with Emily Molli and Marcus DiPaola. They were beaten up, robbed of their possessions. Then the thugs set their car on fire. The pair had to flea by foot into a residential area to escape. They eventually found a church group that escorted them to a police checkpoint.

Some 25 businesses were burned down last Monday night and early Tuesday morning,   including Walgreen's, Little Caesar’s, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Auto By Credit, Beauty World, Sam’s Meat Market, Autozone, Public Storage, JC Wireless, and more.

Twitter recorded more than 3.5 million tweets with the hashtag #Ferguson on Nov. 24, as its users followed the St. Louis County grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed Michael Brown.

Names of  protestors arrested