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Holidays: The perfect time to recycle


DOVER (Dec. 29, 2014) – DNREC reminds Delawareans that holiday time is the right time to trim your “wasteline” while helping the environment – by recycling all those extra mail order boxes, gift-wrapped packages, tags and cards. It’s easier than ever to recycle these holiday items and more through Delaware’s Universal Recycling program, and keeping them out of the state’s landfills is a holiday gift to the earth.   Delaware’s Universal Recycling program is single stream – meaning holiday season recycling is easier because no sorting is needed: simply toss all your recyclables into your recycling container for curbside pickup or drop them off at a DSWA recycling drop-off center. Single-stream recycling is now available to all single and multi-family residences and to all businesses, non-profits, organizations, municipalities, and schools in Delaware.


An updated “How to Recycle” guide is available on DNREC’s website at The guide’s center page features a handy list with images of items that can be recycled in Delaware.   Here are some helpful tips for recycling this season, as well as for reducing and reusing materials for the holidays next year:   Recycle unwanted boxes, wrapping paper (without foil backing), card stock type gift tags, cards and envelopes along with all the holiday catalogues and promotional mail. Tissue paper cannot be recycled.   Recycle your Christmas tree. Trees must be free of all ornaments,


  More information on recycling in Delaware can be found at or by calling DNREC’s Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances at 302-739-9403.