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CNB Pet Tip of the Week: Coping With Loss


Gigiby Dawn Watson


   Holidays are a time of reflection. Sometimes, they remind us of family members that have passed away, including beloved pets.

   Humans form extraordinary bonds with their pets. We memorialize each milestone of our dogs’ lives and grieve for them when they die.

   There still remains a small portion of the civilized world that does not understand the emptiness felt when a pet passes away. These people have probably not known the joy of pet ownership for, if they had, they would understand completely the heartbreak of this type of loss.

   Losing a pet is complicated by the fact that, unlike humans, they cannot understand the progress of disease or old age. We want to believe Fido understands but it’s unlikely he can fathom what is happening to him.  And it is just as sad to watch a pet pass away as it is to have him humanely euthanized because of pain, age, or a neurological issue.

   If you are interested in group grief counseling, we here at Brother of the Wolf will be holding our annual Pet Loss Seminar on Sunday, December 14 from 1-2:30 PM. This is a donation-only event. Registration is required by calling 856.981.8957.

   If you have questions about this or any other dog-related issue please feel free to call me. I am here to help you. 

Wado udohiyu,

Dawn Watson

Owner, Brother of the Wolf, LLC

700 Market St

Gloucester City, NJ

Pictured: Jin-Jin

Rest in Peace Little Darling