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Election Day Tuesday - All Bellmawr Mayor Candidates Info Online


Voteby Mark Matthews


Tuesday November 4th is Election Day, and this year in Bellmawr brings us a hotly contested Mayoral race.

The internet forums and social media are really buzzing this election year for the Bellmawr Mayoral race.  Two main factors have converged;

One obviously is the impact of having 4 ballot candidates and one write-in candidate. 



The second... is the growth of social media into the adult population, Facebook in particular.  Facebook started out as a college student platform and has evolved into being something today that may be more a part of the lives of adults than the young people.   Four years ago for the last election I feel that adults regularly using Facebook was just a fraction of what it is today.

Another online presence for the election, is the NJ.com Bellmawr forum, which has really been on fire the last few months.  Multiple big stories have hit Bellmawr recently, and right now the election is the hot topic (as one would expect)

Lastly Bellmawr has also seen an overall larger marketing push this year with innovated mailings and an huge amount of yard signs (also driven by the number of candidates).

Right now, people are formulating their own ideas on top contenders, but I don't think anyone has a clue how this election is going to shake-out.

So I think its fair to say that in the 2014 Bellmawr Mayoral election, never has each person's vote meant so much.  

Don't waste your right to vote, and don't complain about things in town afterwards if you don't vote!    :-)

All of the Mayor candidates have now submitted bios and platforms.  Go check out my prior post:

Bellmawr Meet your 2014 Mayoral Candidates