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CNB Archives November 2008: (1954) Lions v. Rams City Football Series

CNB Archives Posted Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Gloucester Catholic High School registered a 20 to 13 victory 

042507_2141_1 Joe Murphy_and_friends over Gloucester High last Saturday afternoon to capture its second City Series victory since the games began back in 1948. It was the third win of the year for Coach Jim Hopkins boys while for the senior-laden Gloucester High eleven it was their third straight setback.

Mike McNally and Carmen Palmiero received the annual Mustang awards as the outstanding players on their respective teams.  McNally sparked the "Ramblers" first half attack while Palmiero was a constant star in the loser's game.

First Quarter

    Gloucester kicked off to Catholic and the ball was returned from the 20 to the 23.     Mike Angelastro made four yards and Miller fumbled but recovered for a two-yard gain.     George Gibison picked up a first down on the 33. Gloucester was penalized five yards for delay and McNally's five-yard pick up gave the Ramblers" a first on the 43.  Gibison fumbled but Carl Schoenborn recovered for a five-yard loss.

Angelastro regained the five and McNally skirted the flank for 12 yards to the Gloucester 42. After Gibison had picked up a yard McNally again went wide for a first down on the 12. Miller fumbled but recovered for no gain.  Gibison raced down

to the two and Miller tallied on the next play for a 6-0 score.  Mai Hagan converted.  Gloucester returned the kickoff from its own 30 to the 34.  Catholic was penalized for delaying the game and Ebbie Thompson flipped a short pass to Palmiero on the 49 and the lanky end raced 56 yards for a score.  Neilio placekicked the tying point.

Catholic took the following kickoff and moved to the Gloucester 18 yard line before the Blue and Gold defense held and took over as the quarter ended.

Second Quarter

Gloucester was penalized five yards and Neilio gained four at tackle.  McNally pulled Thompson's flat pass out of the air and returned it for a touchdown to give the "Ramblers" a 13 to 7 lead.  Hagan again converted. Late in the second quarter Palmiero gave his, team a big chance when he threw Lenny Lacavara on his own 19-yard line after fumbling a fourth down pass from center while attempting to punt.  Gloucester for some unknown reason elected to try the Catholic strong forward wall and got two yards in two tries.  Neilio then completed a short pass to Palmiero for a four-yard gain.  Another puzzling play on fourth down with Harry Hill hitting the center of the line gained only two yards and Catholic took over on its own 11.

Third Quarter

George Rieder had a nifty pass interception ruled out by a clipping penalty midway in the period.  Rieder had intercepted the ball on the Gloucester Catholic 48 and returned it down to the enemy 15 before being stopped but Catholic was detected clipping on the Gloucester 37 and penalized back to its own 48. On the next play, Thompson scooped up Gibson's fumble and raced down to the "Ramblers" eight-yard line.  In two line thrusts Hill made three yards and a third down pass, play was incomplete.  A fourth down pass was complete in the end zone to Palmiero but the ball was caught out of bounds and ruled incomplete. Catholic took over on its own five but couldn't advance and punted to Neilio who returned it from the Catholic 40 to the 26.

Three line plays netted nothing and Neilio's high pass down field was deflected into the arms of Palmiero on the 18-yard line and the speedy end dove across the goal for a TD.  Neilio's important try for point was blocked by Schoenborn.  The third quarter had ended just before the touchdown pass.

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