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Gavin Seim, “liberty speaker” and former Republican candidate for Congress, pulled over a cop in his home state of Washington on Oct. 11 to draw attention to unlawful traffic stops by police impersonators. This citizen’s arrest, captured on tape, was made because the officer was driving an unmarked car, which is illegal.

The officer, when asked, said the car was a patrol car. This was a violation of Washington law, where cops can drive unmarked vehicles for undercover work but not for regular patrol work. Over the course of the video, Seim went through the typical steps an officer would have gone through—he asked for name, license, and then went into a lengthy explanation of the law, before letting the officer go with a warning.

Seim took action because he says unmarked patrols leave citizens guessing as to whether they are being pulled over by a cop or by an impersonator. He wants to ensure patrol cars are properly marked as police vehicles so that people don’t pull over into traps of a more criminal nature. 

posted here with permission of Watchdogwire. org