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LETTERS to the ED: Senate President on the Importance of Labor Day |

To the Editor:

6a00d8341bf7d953ef019b00b0fa85970d-200wi As we enjoy time with our families during this holiday weekend, it is also important to remember what Labor Day represents. It’s about the struggle of people in this country to have safe working conditions and good wages. It’s about fighting for things in New Jersey like Paid Family Leave and an increase in the minimum wage.

 Organized labor has made significant strides in the last century, which we will proudly recognize during Peter J. McGuire Day.  And we also recognize the contributions of Paterson’s own Matthew Maguire. But there is always more that can be done.  We can ensure equal work for equal pay, raise the minimum wage across the nation - not just in New Jersey - and, we can keep the promise we made to workers that their pensions will be there for them when they retire.  All of these things are not only fair, but will continue to build on the progress already made by working people in this country.

Summer went too fast, but the rest of the year holds great promise for New Jersey.

New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney 

Senate President Steve Sweeney represents the Third Legislative District, which includes portions of Gloucester and Cumberland counties and all of Salem County.  First elected to the New Jersey Senate in 2001, Senator Sweeney has been reelected four times. He was chosen by the Democratic Majority to lead the Senate in the 214thLegislature in 2009, and took the oath as Senate President on January 12, 2010.  Senate President Sweeney entered public service after his daughter was born with Down syndrome. He was horrified at the manner in which individuals with disabilities were treated and set out to make a difference not just in his daughter’s life, but in lives of those in his community. Follow Senate President Sweeney @NJSenatePres