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John Reynolds |
We took a walk last weekend around the David R. Mayer Memorial Park, located on Peter Cheeseman Road in Gloucester Township– the park with the Mayer Monument placed out front to commemorate his magnanimosity CNBfor paving over the remaining open space areas in town and turning them into tax-abated strip malls and townhouse developments, and for the overpriced, no-bid municipal health insurance contracts, kickbacks, and other pay-to-play deals that resulted in an 8% tax increase for the residents of Gloucester Township this year.
Walking near the boccie courts, I noticed a sign, "Field of Dreams – for special people with special needs," placed in front of an empty field about the size of a tennis court. After getting home, I googled "Gloucester Township Field of Dreams," and according to their website, it's a charity created by the mayor's office, with private sector support from various civic groups, to build a baseball field in Gloucester Township for kids with disabilities.
The township provides the land, the private sector provides the funding, and the mayor's office provides the publicity.

The website was professionally done, with a mission statement, calendar of events, and T-shirt sales, along with pictures of our elected officials posing with kids in a field at what appears to be a ground breaking ceremony. I checked the website's calendar of events, but nothing was coming up. The ceremony was held on April 25, 2013, 6 months before the election, and as of August 2014, all I see there is a sign in front of a patch of grass.

Was I looking at the wrong Field of Dreams, or was this a scheme dreamed up by our elected officials before the election to publicize their compassion for the less fortunate among their electorate?

As for the signs and monuments, Gloucester Township is still collecting $900,000 dollars a year in "Open Space" tax, even though the remaining open space left in town is being paved over. With the recent 8%  tax increase, we don't need to be paying for that nonsense with open space tax. Take the signs and monuments down to Camden and get them recycled and use the money for property tax relief.

I graduated from Gloucester Catholic in '72 and live in Gloucester Township. If I offended anyone, feel free to unload on my blog