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press release July 31, 2014
(TRENTON) – Assemblyman Gilbert “Whip” Wilson (D-Camden/Gloucester) has released the following statement in support of the bail reform proposals being considered by the Legislature. The combined bill S946 and resolution SCR128 would deny bail to violent offenders and allow for bail alternatives for non-violent, indigent offenders:
“It is time to make real changes to our criminal justice system. The proposed legislation before us is our best shot at creating a balanced bail process that protects our communities from dangerous offenders while developing alternatives for low-risk individuals with few resources. These measures will stop the discrimination inherent in our current system where poor people are punished just for being poor. Our jails are filled with individuals arrested for non-violent crimes who simply can’t afford the smallest bail amounts. I am hopeful we’ll vote on S946 and SCR128 today and send a message that this brand of class injustice is unacceptable.”