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USA Wide Truck Driver Recruitment Survey

Audiosonic 2NORTH BERGEN, New Jersey, July 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Where are all the truck drivers? This is a commonly asked question that perplexes operational managers and recruitment officers alike as thousands of drivers retire every year with very little of the new generation coming forth to fill those vacant trucks.

Transportation leaders are aware that without a revolving door of drivers, organizations cannot meet customer demands, which ultimately affects consumers who will feel the impact when they go to the store and see aisles of empty shelves. The cold hard fact of the matter is that truck drivers keep our economy moving, and the fewer that enter the workforce the greater the demand is to hire drivers.

At National Retail Systems, Inc. we have been asking the very same question, and have developed a truck driver survey to find out how to refresh our recruitment efforts. Recruitment in the year 2014 is not like how it was 20 years ago where one newspaper ad would suffice to hire your operation's needs. Today's recruitment efforts are a full-out campaign, which includes hiring fairs, flyers, banners, multiple recruitment sites, blogging, a social media presence, targeted emails, and mobile application optimization to name a few.

With years of truck drivers' contact information logged we pooled those applicants nationwide to find out where they are going to apply to jobs, how many jobs they are applying to, and what incentives entice them to apply.

We look forward to sharing our results from this survey in the near future, and if you would like to know more about National Retail Systems, Inc. or view our previous surveys please visit us at National

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