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Obama Care Isn't All Bad


 The world is shocked as a passenger jet MH17 is shot from the skies, and even worse, sickened Images by how this situation has been handled and lack of response from ANYONE around the world other than meaningless talk. What is called a possible case of "mistaken identity" leading to a passenger jet being shot from the skies by "Pro Russian Rebels" supported and supplied by Russia continues to be an absolute atrocity to humanity. It was bad enough this jet was shot from the sky, but what has happened to date afterwards is a deplorable disgrace.


After being shot from the skies, falling in pieces to the ground, strewn across what is said to be a 9 mile area, the bodies of those who perished in this horrific tragedy were than robbed, looted, and the scene itself looted of valuables, coupled with attempts to hide or remove evidence to hamper any upcoming investigation that may have taken place. As if this wasn't an atrocity itself, these bodies were then left laying in place for days, until finally being removed by Pro Russian Rebels amid claims of being "humane" ? Considering events to date, "humane" is hardly a word to be associated with any of this.

What compounds and drives this tragedy to new levels is that aside from the media harping over and over on already known facts or speculation, and meaningless talk and speculation from former military persons and world dignitaries, nothing has been done by ANY government from ANY country to step in and remedy this ongoing situation that continues to be more of a disgrace by the hour.