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Meandering Mark's - New Retail/Commerce site for the towns of Rt 42

ClearysSo we moved.  No longer residents of Bellmawr after being a resident my entire life.  But we're still close by.  More about that in a minute.

I also started a new blog site called

In short, is a commerce blog featuring stories on new retail developments, roadway improvements, and interesting area events all with the goal to inform and promote the towns along Rt 42.  No sports, no politics (unless it specifically relates to a commerce story)

Focusing on the towns of Bellmawr, Deptford, Gloucester Township, Washington Township, Winslow Township and Monroe Township... they really are all connected by one main artery, Rt 42 (and the AC Expressway).

Let's face it, the road construction in Bellmawr affects them all.  The new houses at the Southern end of 42 loads up traffic for all of us.  The new outlet Mall in Gloucester Township could impact the Deptford Mall a few miles away, and of course we'll all be shopping in both locations.  Despite multiple counties and towns, we are all in this together.

250,000 people.  If recognized as an official Metropolitan area, the towns along Route 42 would be in the top 200, and ahead of Topeka.   But multiple towns and multiple counties can make it tough to define a cohesive region.

Most of the posts will be short photo posts "New Homegoods store looks close to opening" but I will also be writing featured articles.

Much of the content I'll share here at Cleary's Notebook.

The site is located at

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And my introduction post

Bellmawr to Deptford

Born in Bellmawr, grew up in Bellmawr, bought our own house and raised 3 kids, all in Bellmawr.   Thought we'd be "Bellmawrians" until the day we decided to go south.

We never made an announcement to our family we were planning on moving, cause we didn't know it.  When I told my mother we bought a new house she said "I didnt even know you were planning on moving!" 

Simply, we love our Crescent Park Cape Cod  but always found it small for entertaining family and friends.  Saw a new construction home in Bellmawr and just thought "hey let's go look at it".  Almost just for something fun.   But going in at over $200,000 to start and then needing a deck, fencing, finished basement... I quickly thought "at this price range or lower we can find something already finished"

That night I searched on filtering on a  much larger lot size, and just like that... I found one house, we looked at it, and we were moving.  

It all happened around the fall months so I think we had holiday entertaining on our minds.  Ironically we didnt grab a finished home and we spent several months upgrading with our son as lead contractor, and after 5 months of work we finally moved in this May.   We now have a very open floorplan house suitable for entertaining, and a very large property.  

I'm still not sure how all of this happened.

Thank you Bellmawr for providing my family a good life.  But I'm not gone... really only one exit up 42, and the new blog will keep me posting about my hometown.

Much more about Bellmawr and the Landfill to come...