UPDATE: Driver Crashes Car into House, Cause Unknown

DEVELOPING STORIES: Car Crashes into House, Brooklawn Ahead 5-0 |

UPDATE: Brookers 10 Flemington 2

GLOUCESTER CITY NJ--Gloucester City Police Officer William Johnson Jr., reported on NextDoor Neighbor that a news helicopter hovering over 6a00d8341bf7d953ef014e89b50c07970d-200wiGloucester City is presently covering a motor vehicle crash into a house on Hudson Street. “There are no injuries or any reasons to be alarmed,“ said Johnson.



AMERICAN LEGION STATE FINALS (MOODY PARK)--Brooklawn Post 72 (5) Flemington (0), bottom of the Third.

In the sixth, Brooklawn scores 5 take a 10-1 lead behind a bases loaded clearing triple.  

Final score, Brooklawn 10, Flemington 2

The state finals continue on Thursday. Brooklawn will play Mt. Laurel.

Mt. Laurel must win two games to win the state title. Brooklawn only needs to win one of the two to win the championship for a second consecutive year. Both Brooklawn and Mt. Laurel will advance to the Regionals. 

The Mid-Atlantic Regionals August 7 through August 11 at Campbell's Field, Camden NJ. Brooklawn is the host. 

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Reporting for CNBNews: Bruce Darrow