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COMMENTARY: Obama's biggest faults on display

No person comes to the Oval Office without faults. 6a00d8341bf7d953ef019aff44950d970b-320wi

And, doubtless, the everyday stress of the presidency and the relentless glare of the spotlight would seem to intensify and enhance those faults.

Indeed, finding fault with the one public official elected by all the people of the country would appear to be our national duty, if not our honor. Was Richard Nixon's paranoia his downfall? Were Jimmy Carter and his cohorts really that incompetent, that clueless? Could Franklin Delano Roosevelt have been any more imperious? Why was Ronald Reagan so hesitant to dismiss those who had not served him well? What price did we pay for John F. Kennedy's inexperience? And was Lyndon B. Johnson really that crude?

Hey, our leaders aren't perfect.

For those of us in search of bigger-than-life heroes, this can be a tough pill to swallow.

Which makes reality all the harder to face in the case of President Barack Obama. Because, in Obama we now seem to have more than our fair share of imperfections. And all of this reveals itself against an increasingly worn backdrop of giddy expectations and an air of fabulousness that have accompanied few national leaders.

But even some of the man's most ardent devotees (including some in the dominant media) have now had enough time to sober up and face Obama as he is, with all his shortcomings.

Here, then, for everyone to contemplate, are Obama's five biggest faults:

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by Daniel A. Cirucci