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By Daisy Daily
CNBNews Gossip Columnist


Gloucester City: The Gloucester City Breakfast Club was thrown a "curve" this past Saturday morning finding out when they arrived at the Dining Car Depot that their favorite restaurant was closed. The sign on the restaurant door read, "New Baby, will Re-Open on Tuesday, April 29".

The organization has been meeting at the restaurant for over a year, the last Saturday of each month at 9 AM.

Photo El Presidente Chalie

Now this is where the story gets interesting. I have an inside source who works at the local eatery and he told me the restaurant was open. Flip Flap Jack said, (not his real name) "several of the elderly Geezers started a "Food Fight" at last month's meeting. When the owner saw them pull into the parking lot on Saturday, he told me "quick lock the door". As for the posted signs about the baby, "that was just a ruse so they would go away," said Flip Flap.

I stood in the parking lot with "The Geezers" as their numbers continued to grow wondering what they were going to do. There were a few rebels in the crowd, left-over from the 60's no doubt, who pull out these dilapidated signs that read, "Power to the People". They thought it was a sit-in I guess. The others just talked about their ailments and what new medicine they were taking this month. In fact one of them even took down his pants to show off the new style "DEPENDS" he was wearing.

The oldest of the group, a man the other "Geezers" call "El Presidente Chalie" shouts out for everyone to follow him to the Brooklawn Diner. I notice whenever El Presidente speaks no one pays any attention to him. It was interesting to watch this gentleman drive his pickup truck around and around in circles for several minutes looking for the driveway to exit. Finally someone pointed him in the direction of Brooklawn and The El Presidente headed south. Minutes later the rest of group got in their cars and they drove that way also.

Before he drove off I had asked this man Chalie about the food fight, and he said it never happened. "Someone asked me to pass the toast. It was a long table. So I had to throw it. This happpen a couple of times. It was no fight. We were just passing the toast back and forth.".

Curious I headed to the Brooklawn Diner myself to see how many of the group which numbered about 50 would be able to find their way to the new destination. When I arrived at the Brooklawn Diner, El Presidente was standing outside. Apparently word about last month's suppose food fight at the Dining Car Depot spread to other establishments. El Presidente said the manager of the Diner was unable to accommodate so many people for breakfast.

It was hard to believe the manager since the diner was only half-full.

By this time it was getting late and some of "The Geezers" were either hyperglycemic since they started to faint from not having anything to eat. Or they were tired from all the excitement and decided to take a nap.

Two hours was more than enough time of watching this comical group so I decided to split and head for a nearby Dunkin Donuts. The last I heard "The Geezers" headed further south to a restaurant on Old Crown Point Road in Gloucester County. No doubt the story about the Food Fight had not reached that Diner so they were allowed inside.

As for next month's meeting stay tuned to ClearysNoteBook, I will let you know where and when it will be held.

CNBNews NOTE : The above article is NOT TRUE, it is a fictitious story.

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