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One Last Thing



by Earl Foster /

Over the past several months we have shared many odd and wonderful experiences as well as a few perhaps not so wonderful experiences from my past. In our human condition it is always the hope that what's taken from it is learning and expanding for our minds. Coupled with that is my sincere hope that you have enjoyed reading about these experiences and have gotten something from it that keeps your mind wondering and exploring. As with many things in this life, changes are always constant. Growing, learning, and moving forward is always paramount. 

Aura1Part of that change is that this will be my last article that I share with you. I have enjoyed sharing these experiences with you and sincerely hope you also have enjoyed reading about them. Always remember to keep an open mind and grow in a positive way. Be good to each other as you grow. Always be on the high road. I continue to learn and grow as is my hope for you. Thank you for reading and always be well. 

(Earl Foster is a life long resident of South Jersey. He resides in and writes from Brooklawn NJ.)