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The House On Cleveland Avenue (Cont.) Part III



by Earl Foster / 

Unexplainable occurrences by this time had become something I was getting used to but my fear grew in spite of that. When the radio was removed from my room due to unexplainable activity is when I realized it wasn't the radio "they" were following. The radio was simply a channel used to make their presence known, an attention getting avenue if you will. I became keenly aware of this when I began seeing shadows and shapes moving through the upstairs hallway of this house coupled with an acute sense of not being alone. It was like that feeling you get when someone invades your personal space and you are very aware of their presence. Have you ever noticed how you feel a person when they are near you, and the closer they get the more intensely you are aware of them? 


The first time I saw these shadows and moving shapes I was griped in complete terror. My fear, oddly, was not coming from what I was seeing and being unable to explain it. My fear was based more on that I was completely certain that someone was there, someone who wasn't in the known realm. My fear only compounded itself because I was also certain, that whoever it was surely knew that I was aware of them now. From that moment forward this poignant moment awakened something in me that has remained with me my entire life. Years of denial, fear and attempts at ignoring would follow but that's another story. Suffice to say that sometimes you don't ask for it. You may not even want it. It happens and sometimes you just know. Its the only explanation I have ever truly been able to offer. 

As time passed by I became more aware and attuned to things and energies around me. The energies in this house were very negative, and very very old. Many negative things happened during our time in this house and frankly it was enough to write an entire book about but it was a time I have little desire to revisit. My Mother eventually sold this house and we moved away from there much to my delight. The house no longer stands where it did and although I will not divulge its exact location for obvious reasons, I will tell you the location is real, I did live there as a child, and the events I have described to you really did occur. It is something that has remained keen in my memory my entire life. 

Stariway bw(Earl Foster is a life long resident of South Jersey. He resides in and writes from his home in Brooklawn NJ. Earl can be reached at or on his website at Also check us out on Facebook at