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The House On Cleveland Avenue (Cont.) Part II



by Earl Foster / 

Seeing chairs move on their own would be enough to have any person questioning their sanity and perhaps others question mine even as they read this. Have you ever seen something, or heard something and it left you wondering? I think many people have and some more so than others. My fear in this house grew rapidly and seeing chairs move was the least of my worries I would soon find out. This is the time in my life that I became aware of being in tune and aware of something around other than the worldly things we know and recognize everyday. It led to many years of denial, fear and avoidance of many things that I did not as you know, over come until much later in life. 

Aura1In my bedroom of this house was a clock radio. I love listening to music, mostly rock and roll as I always have had a keen interest in music. The energies in this house I would soon find out, had a keen interested in electrical devices also, but did not share my taste in music. MyMothers frustration grew constantly reminding me to turn off the radio when I leave the room. It was hard getting her to believe that I was turning it off and it kept turning itself back on. Electrical problem? I knew better. The radio had a knob that had to be turned the on position and was indeed back to the on position. The only proof I had of this was that the music that would play was usually classical type music not even to my liking. Never the less, this radio would turn on by itself at all hours of the day and night. The end result to my chagrin was the radio was removed from my room. That radio to this day haunts my memories of living there and to this very day I remain keenly aware of energies and a variety of ways of how they can be channeled and tuned in. 

Follow next week on Friday as this continues to unfold and I will share with you how I became aware of "them" with some interesting developments. Thanks for reading and until next week stay well. 

(Earl Foster is a life long resident of South Jersey. He resides in and writes from Brooklawn NJ. Earl can be reached at, or on his website at Check us out on Facebook at