Ex-Elizabeth School Board Member Sentenced for Stealing from Free Lunch Program
Camden Police Arrest Suspected Prositutes


 UPDATE: As for the comment at the bottom of this article about dredging at Freedom Pier, Robert Bevan, Mayor's aide said, "No dredging will take place at Freedom Pier. Docks will be installed under present Green Acres Grant , we have been waiting two years for State and Federal permits."


CHEER—To Lewis Katz and Gerry Lenfest for outbidding George Norcross for control of the Philadelphia Inquirer. They have vowed to restore it back to its days when it published real Cheersandjeersnews and did investigative reporting. To celebrate their new-found direction, the Inquirer should do a piece on government corruption in South Jersey, showing why tax payers in towns controlled by the recently out-bid king of pay-to-play have to pay for his over-priced, no-bid, health insurance because it was voted for by the stooges on councils and boards of education that he bankrolled into office. Editor’s Note: When this was written Mr. Katz was alive. He died in a plane accident Saturday night in Boston. Our prayers and thoughts are with his family.

JEER—To our council and board of education members around South Jersey who voted for


those over-priced, no-bid pay-to-play contracts. The Norcross political machine spends millions getting those local yokels elected to low and no-paying positions on our BOEs and councils so that they can keep his pay-to-play machine running, fueled by higher taxes.

CHEER--To those individuals who continue to fight Norcross and other Poltical Machines like his in the state of New Jersey. Even though they are in the minority they continue to speak out against higher taxes and wasteful spending by these "puppet" councils and school boards controlled by the "Poltical Bosses". 

CHEER-The U.S. Supreme Court last month voted to allow local city councils and committees to open their meetings with prayers, even if those prayers are sectarian or specific to a single religion. In the 5-4 decision, the court’s majority determined such invocations were Constitutional, so long as there is no element of “coercion” involved. For example, a town’s governing body cannot order people to join in prayer, or single out those who choose to not participate.

JEER—To the Diocese of Camden for the way they notified the parishioners of several parishes in May that they were going to be closed down. Many of the parishioners heard about it in the newspaper instead of being told personally via a letter or at Sunday’s Mass.  

CHEER—Rutgers-Camden, ranked No. 29 in the ABCA/Collegiate Baseball Division III poll, closed its stellar season this year at 30-13-1. It is the first team in program history to reach the NCAA tournament and only the second Rutgers-Camden baseball team to win 30 games (the 2002 team went 32-10). No doubt this year’s new Raptor's manager, Dennis Barth, had a lot to do with that success.

CHEER--To Dan Reader and Louise Yerkes for taking care of the Lane and Thompson Avenues park and playground. Dan cuts the grass and Louise picks up the trash on a regular basis.

JEER—In this electronic cyber age we are making laws in regards to text messaging and phoning while driving. Cars continue to be made with more and more gadgets to play with that only adds to that distraction. Plenty of people (we all see them) continue to text, or have their phone stuck in their ear and many other distractions while driving. Not only are you violating a law, but your an extreme danger to the rest of us and perhaps you should have some consideration for others on the road and pay attention to your driving. 

JEER-Former Trenton Mayor Tony Mack was sentenced to nearly five years in prison in May on charges of corruption during his term in office. A jury of his peers found Mack guilty of extortion, bribery, wire fraud, and mail fraud, for accepting tens of thousands of dollars in bribes from federal informants. Another New Jersey public figure, Marie Munn, the president of the Elizabeth School Board shamed her family and community by stealing from the school district’s Free Lunch Program by falsifying documents. The 49-year-old parent was given three-year probation and must perform 300 hours of community service. The judge ordered Munn to perform her community service by assisting with a school lunch program, if possible. 

CONTRIBUTORS THIS MONTH in no certain order, John Reynolds, Earl Foster and William E. Cleary Sr., Anonymous1 and Anonymous2

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Here is what we picked as the best comment for the month of May 2014 posted on last month's Cheers and Jeers column. The comment is referencing the out-of-controlled spending by the James administration.

Friend, You are incorrect. They did have a plan. Their plan has resulted in: 1. $37million of bond debt today vs. the pawtry $6million in 2007. 2. Millions of $'s of UDAG funds tied up in Chatham Square AND Gloucester Terrace to make it safe for pizza to be delivered. 3. Yet another contract awarded last month to fund an improvement at Freedom Pier. A contract to dredge around the pier (so that the North Wind can come and go at low tide) and are procuring more floating docks for transient boaters to visit Freedom Pier. This will make Freedom even more viable and likely to host a restaurant than the investments made the last 20 years. 4. Even though they blamed Develcom for the delays (by firing them 15 months ago) they have taken the reigns and are now the driving force to move the Organic Diversions project forward. 5. Procured a sail boat with UDAG money to promote Gloucester City and educate students about our riverfront heritage. Nuf said! 6. NEST is leaving Gloucester City for Camden. Yep, 7. Is helping to grow the restaurants in Gloucester City. How you ask? The City approved a $250k UDAG loan to Chubby's restaurant! (Where the heck is Chubby's BTW? I am hungry.) The City is considering a $250k UDAG loan to Cap's and reserved another $200k UDAG funds for Ott's. it is obvious that restaurants are the panacea for revitalization. Consider how Jack's started the revival of the area around Broadway and Market Streets. Auld Dubliner and now McMichael's is invigorating those blocks. Ten years later, the area around Max's is the poster child for what Glouceter City could be? Any mention of Hog & Bull is just nitpicking. 8. Gloucester City was paid to receive dirt, to be used to encapsulate the contamination for planned redevelopment on the south side of town. But now, rather than use it for its planned purpose, we are selling the dirt. We are a money making machine with dirt.