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Understanding An Empathic Psychic Medium



by Earl Foster / 

An empathic person as I have pointed out in the past just seems to know things. Sometimes they aren't even sure why they know it, they just do. An empathic pyshic medium who has real abilities or "gifts" as they are sometimes referred to struggles with many things. Even their own emotions can play tricks on them. Imagine an extremely heightened sensation of everything around you and always trying to sort out what is your own, or perhaps someone else's. Everyone has felt empathy at times. Have you ever felt bad for another person, or felt joy and excitement for someone else perhaps? This is a degree of empathy. If you couple that with psychic medium-ship abilities it becomes a very difficult struggle for some very obvious reasons once understood. 

DeekshaBeing an empathic psychic medium is not something that you can turn on or off like a switch. You can work at it, and perform certain mind exercises to better tune in, but by and large my belief is as I have said, its not about us, and sometimes it just happens depending on who, or what, or even the importance of it at the time. The person with a true gift never knows who, or when, it just happens. Examples of this may at times be witnessed by others, or shared in an experience that leaves chins agape and people scratching their heads. This usually results in the question that begs to be asked and usually is of "How did you do that" ? We have talked about other traits of an empathic person but do we really understand it? The answer to that is of course we do not fully understand it. it is my belief that no one in the human condition will ever have complete answers, explanations, or even proof positive of the paranormal. 

Typically an empathic psychic medium will mentally prepare for things or the chance of encounters. A visit to a cemetery, or a hospital for example may provoke an experience so the medium will invoke certain things for protection and what is referred to as grounding. Everyday things that most people take for granted can be difficult making the empathic psychic medium that much harder to understand. Many times people will ridicule, or pass judgement. As humans we always strive to understand and learn. We search for logical explanations and answers. This after all, is a subject that is approached with much skepticism. However many times events occur in our lives and we find no logical explanation. I have had many strange event in my life thus far, many of them witnessed by others. I admittedly have no logical explanation for it. I believe in our human condition perhaps were not supposed to have those answers yet. It just happens, and sometimes you just know and that has to be enough for now.