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The House On Cleveland Avenue



by Earl Foster / CNBNEWS.net 

The following story is based on true experiences from my childhood. When I was a young boy around the age of 5 our family moved to a house that I will only refer to as "The House On Cleveland Avenue" as to not give its exact location. When my Mother first looked at the house to consider buying I was along when she met the realtor. I would not enter the house and insisted on waiting in the car. I knew immediately I wanted nothing to do with this house let alone live there. The strange thing is that it was an unassuming twin style house with nothing significant that jumped out at me. I simply sensed a very bad energy coming from the house and that energy felt powerful even just looking at the house from the car window. Of course from the very start my hope was that my Mother would decide against buying this house but that was not to be. 

Aura1Upon her return the car, she seemed very pleased and I could tell right away it had already been decided much to my dread. As we drove away I vividly remember looking back at the house and it was almost as if it was saying to me "See you soon" and laughing. I said nothing about these premonitions to my Mother or to my siblings. At my age I barely understood them myself let alone expect anyone else to. That very same night is when the images and dreams began concerning this house. Nothing unusual perhaps about a child having nightmares about moving. What made it unusual didn't surface until we moved in. Most of the dreams and visions I had about this house were accurate. No one paid much mind to it until having only seen the house from the car I was able to accurately describe the interior to my Mother. I knew this house room by room having never once entered it. 

Even more eerie was that again not having seen any of it, I accurately described the furniture my Mother had selected for the house prior to it being brought in. My Mother of course asked how did I know this but my explanation of having "seen" it did nothing to settle her nerves at this point. It was at this moment I chose to tell her that I did not like the house and did not want to live here. My Mother was none to happy to hear this as of course it was to late and we were indeed moving in. I told my Mother of my thoughts and my visions and dream regarding and my reasons for not wanting to be there as the "negative energy" coming from it. Unfortunately when your 5 and your Mother just bought a house your impressions and thoughts carry little weight. 

We settled in and my nightmare began. I did not like being left alone in any room in this house, In this house the first thing I noticed, and had dreamed of it prior to moving there, was the dining room chairs. They were big, heavy wooden chairs around a fairly large table, and these chairs on occasion would move.....on their own. It would happen whenever I was in this room alone and almost every time. While it seems only I witnessed the chairs moving, I do believe my younger brother may have witnessed this once also but never spoke of it out of fear. To this day I can vividly see it and I knew someone, or something was in this house, and more importantly was that it seemed to know I was aware of it. I have no explanation for it other than just knowing and of course I state with all honestly and sincerity that it happened. I saw it happen. 

I will share more experiences and events from my time in this house in future columns so you can read about it. Paranormal events and occurrences began happening at a young age for me and I remember vividly right down the feelings I had along with it. I look forward to sharing more with you as I unfold this multi-column story about my time in "The House On Cleveland Avenue". Stay well 

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