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The Empathic Symptoms


by Earl Foster / 

Some symptoms, or behavior that indicate a persons empathic abilities are known to many of us. One of them is "knowing". Empaths just know things but its a knowing that goes way beyond intuition or gut feelings. Have you ever experienced a situation and you "just knew" and you weren't even sure why or how?  Another is sympathy pain, or picking up the on the ailments of others, empaths are keenly in tune and can often forewarn of things. I have on several occasions experienced predicting pregnancies, even before the Mother knew of it herself. They were later amazed to learn it was indeed accurate. To date, I have not been wrong thanks to morning sickness.

Neurons1Having such depth of feeling makes it difficult for the empath to watch certain movies, or listen to certain songs as well, and can go as far to cause the empath to cease watching completely the more attuned they become. An empath always strives to find answers. Whenever they see a problem, they know there is also a solution and finding it will drive them stir crazy until resolved. Also notable is that an empath prefers to not have pre-owned possessions as at times they can sense a residual energy from them that can be overwhelming at times. 

It is likely that an empath has had varying paranormal experiences throughout their lives. Near death experiences or even out of body experiences can also be a trigger or awakening that becomes an incredible journey. Others may have been simply born with it. The lack of understanding towards paranormal events that an empath may have experienced can lead them to attempt to suppress such abilities. One thing I am certain of, many things can be a struggle for an empath. The more attuned it becomes you may find yourself with no other choice but to explore with a curiosity to gain some understanding and acceptance of your life circumstances. At the end of each day, its something each of us share in our human condition. 

(Earl Foster is a lifelong South Jersey resident. He resides in and write from Brooklawn NJ. Earl can be reached at or on his website at Look for Earl on Facebook at