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Brooklawn Iconic Eateries Weber's and the Brooklawn Diner Happenings

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Mark Matthews

BROOKLAWN NJ (May 10, 2014)--Two well known Brooklawn eateries have significant changes coming, one for the better and the other... well only time will tell.

First up is Weber's Drive-in.  The well known drive-in eatery has been open since when my parents were kids.  Over the years they've had trampolines, a skateboard park (please someone contact me with pics or video!), and they've always seem to have had minature golf courses.

Well on June 18th, the Brooklawn Weber's Drive-in is up for auction!

There are no details in the listing as to the reasoning for the auction, but it does show that it includes the building, golf courses, 6 acres of land, and there is additional land available for purchase.

Ever since the "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" show came out, I always thought how awesome it would be for Weber's to go the route of the eateries featured on that show... the building, drive up service and history starts things off on a really cool foundation and wouldn't it be awesome if someone were to add homemade cooked goodness to the menu?!  

Only time will tell.

The second big news... which can only be considered "Postive", is that there is new construction taking place at the previously closed Brooklawn Diner!

The old sunroom has been removed, and new building walls have been quickly framed.

The dumpster in the back has old diner chairs popping out of the top.

This famous eatery has been closed too long.  I can only assume another eatery will be opening at the location and I've heard some rumors to that effect, but let's see how things progress!


The following pic is from the West Jersey History Project site.  Lots of amazing information and postcards!  Worth the visit!   This is the Brooklawn Diner when it was known as "The Ship" diner!  

The South Grove Diner - Brooklawn Diner. West Jersey History Project
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