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Google Street View Maps now covers all of our towns; Bellmawr, Gloucester City and more


Getting out of her car on Google Street View Maps

Meandering with

Mark Matthews

 Bellmawr, the surrounding towns... well basically all of South Jersey...  now seem to be covered by Google Street View Maps.

If you aren't familiar, Google Street View is an add-on feature to their popular map website, which allows you to see images taken along the street.   Google has been driving specially outfitted cars around the world to take pictures of the streets, and then they stitch them together so that you can virtually drive down the streets.

As early as a few months ago, I noticed that while they had covered the eastern part of Bellmawr, the west side of Black Horse Pike was not covered, as well as most of South Jersey below that point including most of Gloucester County.

Yesterday when I was giving directions to a coworker, I noticed that my house was now covered by Street View maps.

And to my surprise, my daughter was "caught" by their cameras as she entered her car.  Its a very close shot and you can even see the shadow of the Google car cameras.   In fact there are several shots of her, including as the Google car approaches from a distance it appears she notices the odd car and looks directly at it!

The Crescent Park area Bellmawr images note that they were taken in October 2013 (but recently put online)

As you can see in the image, Google uses software technology to blur faces and license plates.  This is because there has been much concern in the public and press about privacy issues.

The updated images seem to be much more "high-res" than what Google offered for other locations in years past.

Street View Cameras are also finding their way into buildings (with permission).  I know a bike rental shop in Key West that you can walk right into the store.

There are also a variety of websites that archive funny street view map images...    People doing things they shouldn't be, funny coincidences, or many images floating around that are staged by people who find out the Google car is in the neighborhood and put on funny costumes or poses.  in Europe, Fiat quickly drove their new model car over to the Volkswagon Headquarters to be captured by the Google Camera car.    And here is a Huffington Post archive of funny images and sites.

So to check out your neighborhood:

  • go to
  • Search your address.
  • Look for the little yellow man icon, and drag it to any street that has a blue highlighted line, and the street view images appear.
  • You can navigate in psuedo 3d via the mouse.

Let us know if you find any interesting images from our area.  You should be able to post a link or address.

I havent had much time to search around the maps myself as I just noticed this yesterday, but I did see that Camden is available too.   Its a "safe" way to see what's happening to the neighborhoods or look up your old home.  I quickly found my mother's childhood home.

Google maps
The Yellow man icon, and the Blue shaded streets (C) Google
A zoomed out view showing most of the streets (blue) are in Street View maps now (c)google


image from
A view of Broadway Gloucester City (c)Google