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Logoby Earl Foster / CNBNews.net 

I have been considered by many to be what is referred to as an "Empathic Psychic Medium". Family members, friends or associates who have experienced certain things with me have widely accepted that it just happens sometimes. I am thankful for that acceptance and cherish them for it. Many do not share their acceptance. Many ignore it because they do not want to know. Others take a dim view of it as trickery and sorcery. Others see it as something evil to be shunned and pushed away. The question of "Gifted or Cursed" is something I have struggled with for many years. It has at times been a gift yes, but other times more of a curse as well. One might ask, how could something that is meant for good possibly be considered a curse? Keep in mind, I did not ask for this. I did not want this. I spent years hoping it would stop, or leave me. To date, it has not. It only seems to grow stronger as time goes by. 

Firstly understand that I have been experiencing paranormal events since a very young age. I have been told it is something I was born with. In my childhood and teenage years I spent a lot of time ignoring or trying to explain things away. Denial and fear kept me in its grip. Many times I was frightened and other times felt isolated with no one who would understand any of this. I admittedly do not understand it myself at times, and to this day struggle at times to understand. It has been a struggle my entire life and remains so even now. It was only recently after realizing this was not going to change or stop that I made the decision to embrace and learn as much as I can. Even the learning process can be a struggle.  Psychic-crown-chakra

If we realize what empathy truly is coupled with other knowledge than we begin to scratch the surface of an ongoing struggle that can be extremely difficult. Empathy is something we all posses as well as other abilities to various degrees. Empathy is sensing, feeling, and knowing the feelings of others. Empathy can run very deep and strong in some people to the point of creating confusion as to what is your own and what is someone else's. Confused yet? Sensations, physical symptoms, sadness, sick stomach, is this real and can this happen? Ask my family members how many times I have had "morning sickness" and was able to tell someone they were pregnant even before they knew and then it was confirmed by a doctor. Noted also is that I can usually tell who it is that is pregnant. Does this happen? Yes it does. Empathy is one of the hardest struggles you may ever encounter. 

Considering that add now the psychic aspect to that. Knowing, sensing, seeing or hearing when a spirit energy is nearby. Add to that now that the spirit is aware that you know they are there and is attempting to get your attention. When they do this, they get quite excited and can be very persistent and even annoying. Another thing to consider is that on the other side, the spiritual realm, there is no concept of time as we know it. What does this mean? It means that at 3:00 am someone could show up and disrupt your sleep because they see you and feel it's extremely important to tell you even the most trivial of things. Does this really happen? Yes, it does. As I wrote in our last article, sometimes you just know. 

Confused yet? Now add to all this trying to decipher and understand the what,why,where,when and who and the things in your life that can be impacted by it. I rarely visit hospital and cemetaries. Of course no one enjoys a visit to those place for the obvious reasons. I have my own reasons for not going to those place in addition to the norms. Thinking about only the handful of things we've mentioned we realize it is a labyrinth of things to learn and share that boggles the mind. I believe every human being has a certain amount of these abilities. The degree will vary from person to person based on their own personal experience and knorwledge. Many times over the years during events, or things others have experienced through me I have head remarks of "How did you do that"? or "I wish I could do that". To those remarks I remind everyone of the old adage the rings so very true, "Be careful what you wish for".   Stariway bw

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