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Can We Have Empathic Traits ?



by Earl Foster / 

We as human beings struggle to make sense of everything in our lives. The mind always clamors for logical answers. When psychic empathic traits or experienced sometimes those answers are elusive and confounding. I have read much about different levels and types of empathy. Have you ever experienced something "odd or weird" that you just could not explain? Some of the levels I have learned about are as follows and perhaps they may shed light on something you have wondered about. 



Twin Flame Telepathy – Said to be the empathic ability to read people's thoughts. 

Psychometry - said to be the empathic ability to receive energy, information and impressions from objects, photographs, or places. 

Mediumship - Said to the empathic ability to feel the presence or energies of spirits or those who have passed. 

Precognition - Said to be the empathic ability to feel when something important is about to occur and reportedly often accompanied by a feeling of dread or doom. 

There are reportedly 10 different levels in all. I wonder if some of you who read this may have experienced any of these abilities listed ? I will share more in the next column along with what are known "symptoms" that could also indicate empathic abilities. 

(Earl Foster is a lifelong resident of South Jersey. He resides in and writes from Brooklawn NJ. Earl can be reached at, or on his website at Check us out on Facebook also at