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Sometimes You Just Know

Logoby Earl Foster / 

At times our intuition tells us certain things. We don't always listen to it and even more rarely do we follow it. Sometimes intuition goes against what we know or want, making it even more difficult to trust. Have you ever had a "gut feeling" or thought "I should really do this" and regretted later not following that instinct? I think we have all been on that page at some time or other. Intuition can be difficult to understand. In retrospect to that it can also be said that "Sometimes you just know". This is how it was for me on a day sometime ago (I am 54, I was in my early 30's when this event occured) that a close family member passed away. I will share with you the day my Aunt Helen said good bye to me. 

My Aunt Helen and I were very close. She was older and very smart. I spent many hours chatting with her over coffee and she always had interesting stories and facts to tell of. She spent years struggling with "Polio" and was confined to a wheelchair most of the time. She had been a model in her youngers years and I saw photographs of her. She was very beautiful. The years of polio and dwindling health took its toll and her modelling career went by the wayside. This did nothing to quell her spirit or her intelligence. She was a bright woman, full of life and energy. She was a great conversationalist and told fascinating stories from her past that I was always keenly interested in. 

As time progressed care needs for my Aunt Helen began to increase. She was moved to a "Facility" where 24 hour care and attention could be readily given to her. Again she remained in good spirits and seemed full of life and energy. Aside from the usual health problems associated with polio, limited moving around, and care giving assistance with day to day things all seemed well. I would visit at times, we'd have coffee and chat. I would always ask questions during her stories of the past and she seemed only to delighted to share the past with me. I remember our visits as glorious times. She left an impression on my life that has lasted many years and still remains with me.  Spiritual-warrior

One afternoon having completed my work shift I went to my vehicle to drive home. After closing the driver side door of my car, and preparing to start the car is when "I just knew". I became keenly aware of my Aunt Helen being in the car with me. I could smell her perfume and oddly enough could also smell coffee. She was in the car with me, for what would be our final chat as she had come to say good bye for a while. I felt a degree of sadness knowing what this was and why, but I also knew this good bye was only temporary and that's what she came to tell me. It was important to her, that I know that. That it was only a temporary good bye for a while because she was moving on now. She sat with me there a few moments and then the smell of coffee and perfume faded and she was gone. 

So strong was the sensation and I was so certain of it, I decided to not drive home, but instead drove to my Mothers house as I knew should be upset once the news found it way through the family and to her. When I arrived at my Mothers house as expected, other family members had already began gathering there. I walked into the kitchen, and look around at thier faces and before anyone said a word I said, "I know, Aunt Helen passed away today". A look of shock fell over some of their faces as I am sure they wondered how I already knew this having been at work all day. I never did tell them about my final visit with Aunt Helen only minutes before. I have never shared this story with anyone until now. As I page through my memories and the glorious chats with my Aunt Helen I remember her last visit with me. I share this with you because in some way perhaps it helps if we know that passing is but a temporary good bye. We feel sadness of course and we grieve because we miss them so terribly. We can take some comfort knowing its temporary. As I mentioned earlier on...sometimes, you just know.

(Earl Foster is a lifelong resident of South Jersey. He resides in and writes from Brooklawn NJ. Earl can be reached at or on his website at Check us out on Facebook also at