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EX Camden Cop Jeffrey Frett Trying Again for NEW JERSEY Disability Pension






JEER—To Gloucester City Mayor William James and his administration for wasting our tax dollars…Again! On November 2006, the City purchased 328 Market St. for $100,377 and 326 Cheersandjeers Market St. for $119,623. Sitting unoccupied for over 5 1/2 years Gloucester City  lost approximately $40,000 property tax revenue. In June 2012, Resolution 152 awarded Triad Assoc., $7,500 to prepare and submit an application for a Small Cities grant to knock down the two houses to make way for three lots for affordable housing. In August 2012, the city joined Neighborhood Works to qualify for construction grants for this project. In October 2012, the city sent three employees to a Neighborhood Works seminar in Florida. The cost to join and/or cost for the seminar? Unknown! In December 2012, Resolution 292 modified the contract for Winzinger Inc. to demolish the two houses. The final cost for demo? $69,000! Gloucester City has spent $336,500 invested in this initiative. It is now over 18 months past the deadline for the NJ DCA program administered by Triad to build and sell the affordable houses. What is the current status? THE LOTS ARE FOR SALE! WHAT DO WE HAVE TO SHOW FOR $336,500? NOTHING!


CHEER—To the State of New Jersey for passing Florida in having the highest percentage of foreclosures among mortgaged homes in the country, hitting  6.2 percent, and for passing New York, taking the lead in the average length of time to complete a foreclosure, reaching 1,103 days - 3 years - which means those homes will be eyesores in your neighborhood for at least 5 years before someone buys it and fixes it up, if you're lucky.


JEER— To our legislators, who – in the name of equality and fairness – mandated that everyone should own a home, regardless of their credit rating, forcing the banks to lower their lending standards, handing out "sub-prime," no down payment loans to people you wouldn't lend twenty bucks to if you knew them. As a result, working class, suburban neighborhoods that used to be nice 10 years ago are deteriorating, while places like Moorestown and Haddonfield, where our legislators live, are still exclusive and mostly riffraff free, if you don't count the legislators.


CHEER—To my neighbors in Brooklawn who helped each other with shoveling snow and car clearing during this long winter. Its very much appreciated. 


JEER-Salesmen representing an alternative energy company knocked on my door three times in one week. I told them I wasn’t interested but they kept coming back. The first time they wanted to see my PSE&G bill so they could scan it. I thought Gloucester City prohibited sales people from soliciting door to door in our community.


JEER—To non-local drivers who mistakenly think they will beat rush hour traffic at the Brooklawn Circle by speeding down Hannevig Ave, (A 25 MPH residential street) only to re-emerge at the Circle and wait in a long line of backed up traffic anyway. 


JEER—On Tuesday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver condemned LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for making racist remarks. He banned Sterling for life from any association with the league or his team, and Silver fined him $2.5 millionI don’t agree with what he said. However, he made the comments during a private conversation. He is entitled to his opinion, whether you agree with it or not. This is America. Under our constitution we are given certain rights, one of them being Freedom of Speech. If Sterling can be punished for something he said privately where do we draw the line? The French poet Voltaire sums it up this way: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it. Voltaire


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