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Sometimes those interested or involved in learning about the paranormal and spiritual things refer to some encounters or experiences as "residual" spirits. They are just there, and continue to do what they do or did in life. Have you ever had the feeling that a passed loved one is still around at times? On a more recent visit at the request of the home owner to a home in South Jersey, I believe I had such an encounter with someone still doing what they did in life. 

The home owner contacted me suspecting that perhaps someone, or some spirit energy may be in the home. Nothing nasty or evil was sensed by the home owner but a presence was suspected at various times. Nothing disruptive of disturbing was occurring and she simply wanted to know if there was a presence there. I agreed to meet at the home and walk through, as I like to call it, to see if I met anyone. 

Images (38)Initially upon entering the house everything seemed very quiet and peaceful and I was not sensing anything at all. I walked from room to room with the home owner, but had asked that they tell me nothing about the house or its background as I would rather wait to see if anything comes to me on its own. After walking through several rooms and not picking up on anything we entered into the dining room area of the house and my attention was immediately drawn to a beautiful upright piano on one side of the room. The piano was brown wood with carved trim and was gorgeous, but it's beauty is not what drew my attention. The woman standing beside it was calling me to it and her words to me were "Shhh...listen, and pay attention". That is all she said, and just that fast, she was gone. I had questions now for the home owner. 

My first comment to the home owner was "This was a woman's piano, did she teach piano" ? The home owner smiled and said Yes it was, and yes she did. It was later learned that the woman who owned the piano was the home owners passed Mother In Law, and Grandmother of her daughter. In life she did indeed attempt to teach piano to children and was constantly telling them "Shhhh...listen, and pay attention". I informed the home owner that this woman was pleased that piano was here. The piano itself had an interesting story having been salvaged and restored by the home owner. It had been painted, passed around, and eventually ready for scrap but was saved from that fate and restored to its former glory and was quite beautiful. I informed the home owner no further investigating should be done as there was no bad situation and there was no sense in creating one. 

Sometimes I believe as I have said in past articles, they just are there for their own reasons, residual, and doing what they did. We have all heard the expression "I'm with you in spirit". "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience". Yes, sometimes they are, and sometimes we are fortunate enough to know it, or sense it, or perhaps even see or hear it. 

(Earl Foster is a lifelong resident of South Jersey. He resides in and writes from Brooklawn NJ. Earl can be reached at or through his website at Look for us on Facebook at 


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