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The Human Aura



By Earl Foster /

The human condition is a phrase I have used in prior articles I have written and something we are all familiar with. While remaining subjective and even objective, one thing most would agree on is that we are spiritual beings living inside of a human body. Does this lend credibility to the idea spirits exist? Do the worlds, or planes of existence sometimes collide making themselves known to those on all sides? These are question we may never have definitive answers for although many search for answers. It is with this in mind we think of spirit energies, or aura's, of both living people, or spirits of those who already experienced the human condition. Do spirits living now, or those past truly have an aura? 

We have all experienced the meeting new people and having our own perceptions of them. Reflecting on that think back to your own thoughts in regards to the people you met. Have you ever met someone and thought "This person has a positive attitude, or high energy", or thought "They have a real negativity about them" ? Certain intuition tells us things about people quickly and opinions and thoughts form based on those initial perceptions. I believe part of what our intuition is reading or picking up is a persons "aura" or what resides in their spirit energy. 


There is much thought and written about auras, their colors, their meanings, and I will not get to in depth as it varies widely and is something I believe is personal to each individual. Color, perceptions, and thoughts about it can carry different meanings for everyone. I am only approaching the idea of do we as humans, or spiritual beings have an aura that projects to others? In my humble opinion, of course we do, and of course others see it or at least perceive it. Its an integral part of who we are, our inner selves. What we do, what we believe, what we take into our hearts, becomes who we are. Our physical bodies are largely similar in construction. The spirit is what makes us all different, and the aura we generate is also different in each of us as it's attached to the spirit, not the body. 

Realizing this is a subject that varies widely from person to person I would like to hear or read some of your opinions and thoughts about auras. What are your perceptions of auras? Some have claimed to have been able to physically see the auras around people at times. Have you ever experienced this? My own thoughts in regards to auras seem to change as I read and attempt to learn more. I think every person has his or her own perception of it and only through sharing those thoughts do we truly learn from each other. Our human condition is but a short dance in which to share and learn from each other. Our spirit and our aura is what grows through that sharing and learning. 

(Earl Foster is a lifelong resident of South Jersey. He resides in and writes from Brooklawn NJ. Earl can be reached at, or through his website at Check us out on Facebook also at 

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