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Images-2PHILADELPHIA PA--Mayor Michael A. Nutter and Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Utilities Rina Cutler announced an industry leading team will plan, install and operate Philadelphia’s new bike share system.   After a highly competitive process, the City selected Bicycle Transit Systems to plan and operate the system, and B-cycle to provide the bicycles, stations, and technology platform.

“Philadelphia has brought together a dream team to launch and operate a world class bike share system. We will launch bike share in Spring 2015 with a 60 station, 600 bike system in Center City, University City, North Philly, West Philly, South Philly and the Navy Yard, and Philadelphia will be the first City to launch B-cycle’s newly designed stations,” said Mayor Nutter. “Building on the City’s Shared Prosperity plan, our bike share system will launch service in neighborhoods beyond the business district, specifically seeking to

provide a convenient, affordable transportation option in low income communities.  Low income residents stand to benefit the most from a new low-cost transportation option. I am both excited and proud to announce that Philadelphia plans to be the first bike share system in the U.S. to offer access to residents without credit cards.”

Mayor Nutter said that bike share will present exciting opportunities for Philadelphia’s corporate community. “The launch of our system is a tremendous opportunity for businesses to join a growing trend by sponsoring the system and aligning their brand to sustainability, wellness, innovation and enhancing the quality of life for  the citizens of Philadelphia and visitors,” the Mayor said. “Every sponsorship investment will support the Bike share system and contribute to creating a more vibrant, mobile and healthy Philadelphia.”

Bicycle Transit Systems is a Philadelphia based business that has assembled the most experienced bike share operating team in the industry. Philadelphia’s system will benefit from the experience of the team that worked to implement and operate bike share programs in Washington DC, Boston and Chicago. Bicycle Transit Systems has partnered with Toole Design Group for system planning and Rodriguez Consulting for site planning.

B-cycle grew out America’s largest bicycle manufacturer, Trek Bicycles, and has more than 4,000 bike share bikes operating in 30 cities across the US and in Santiago, Chile. B-cycle systems have carried more than 1.7 million trips on bikes designed by Trek specifically for bike sharing. The four-year contract with Bicycle Transit Systems will be submitted to City Council for its approval in the coming weeks. Comcast-Spectator subsidiary Front Row Marketing Services is under contract to market system sponsorship.

Rina Cutler, Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Utilities, said that support for bike share is wide spread, “Philadelphians recognize that it is time for the city to join the nearly 40 others across the US that have bike share systems. Since last autumn, we’ve been meeting with community groups across the proposed service area and received an enthusiastic reaction,” Cutler said. “We will return to those groups and others to discuss plans for station sites. More than two dozen property owners have already stepped with interest in hosting more than 50 stations. More than 1,400 locations have been suggested on-line to have a bike station and hundreds of those sites endorsed by others Philadelphians.”

Alison Cohen, President of Bicycle Transit Systems is thrilled to have the opportunity to plan and operate Philadelphia’s bike share system. “Philadelphia is my home town and I could not be more proud and excited about the team we have to deliver and operate a world class bike share system for Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a great city of bicycling with better bike infrastructure every year. I am confident that bike share is going to thrive in Philadelphia,” Cohen said.

Bob Burns, President of B-cycle, said, “Philadelphia’s strategic business plan for bike share and $3 million capital investment has set its system on a course for success. B-cycle is proud to launch our newly designed stations in Philadelphia. The new stations look great, while continuing to operate on the technology platform that has reliably served more than 30 cities for years,” said Burns.

Bryan Furey, Vice President of Front Row Marketing, said he is excited to be marketing sponsorship for the system. “Partnering with Bike share will position companies as progressive, vibrant, and innovative leaders empowering wellness and fostering greater prosperity and access. We are excited to be marketing this opportunity to the corporate community.  Sponsorship investments are amplified via assets including system naming rights, station sponsorship, event sponsorship, digital platforms, and out-of-home engagement,” Furey said.

For more information on Philadelphia’s planned bike share system, information on how to recommend a bike sharing site for your neighborhood, and how to become a system sponsor can be found at the City of Philadelphia’s website

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