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7003391540_c07f97e50b_nJEER—To the contracted snow plow trucks who stage in the Brooklawn Diner parking lot. They sit there for 10 hours prior to a snow storm doing nothing except annoying home owners by shining their bright lights at the backs of people houses and windows. Aside from this obnoxious inconsiderate behavior is the curious question; does the county get billed for this at the tax payers expense?


CHEER—To the Gloucester City Public Works department and the Gloucester City Fire Department for acting quickly to close the Lane Avenue Park when the electric poll was leaning over. By closing the park and blocking access to the danger area they helped keep our little ones safe. Good job to both departments and thank you.

CHEER—To Gloucester Township Mayor David Mayer and his Team for soliciting over $350,000 in campaign "donations" over the last three elections cycles, outspending their opponents 13:1 in the last election, ensuring they can continue stacking the Board Of Education with team players, keeping Pay-To-Play politics alive in Gloucester Township, rolling out deals like the $20 million solar panel project and the Norcross-Cooper land flip along RT42, along with the requisite kickbacks and no-bid contracts.


JEER—To the residents of Gloucester Township who allowed their town to be run by the most corrupt political crew in Camden County, so Pay-To-Players like Remington and Vernick could funnel money into ridiculously named PACs like "Citizen’s for Government Reform" and"Citizens for Responsible Government" in order to buy no-bid contracts. The residents deserve the 7% municipal tax increase they’re getting, the Red Light Cameras, poor performing schools, decrepit downtown, and their foreclosed neighborhoods.


CHEER—To the upcoming “spring”, with its promise of "fair winds and gentle climes." Images


JEER—To the past “winter” for all the stinking snow we had to shovel.


CHEER—The community of Bellmawr has had a influx of new businesses moving into the borough. Some of those businesses are : Amoroso Baking, Conrail Regional Training, Singer Equipment Company, Garrison Architects, Supercuts, Beautiful Butterflies Day School, Metro PCS, Papa Johns, Clean City Dry Cleaners. To make things easier for new businesses, Bellmawr works with each new enterprise to expedite the permit process. 


JEER—The City of Gloucester raised their water/sewer rate by $87 annually or $21.80 more per quarter. At the same time the Camden County MUA increased their rate for homeowners from $84 a quarter to $85.50 or $6 more annually. Residents have no other choice but to pay it. Politicians think by just raising the rate a few dollars at a time that the public will not notice. 6a00d8341bf7d953ef0192abded29b970d-800wiBut at some point people are just going to say, “I had enough" and move out of Gloucester or do what 300 other people in the City have done already and abandon their home altogether.


CHEER-The Gloucester City Lions Club released its annual itemized report on how they spent your donations in 2013. If only more clubs/organizations would do the same. After all doesn’t the public deserve to know how their hard earn money is being spent. 


JEER—The City of Gloucester borrowed $2.15 million in bonds for sanitary sewer repairs in March. When the James administration came into office in 2007, taxpayers were $6 million in debt. Today, with the latest issuance of bonds, that debt is approximately $37 million or $31 million more. Tax and spend, that is what Democrats do. They don’t know any other way. 


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