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Philly Mayor is Concerned About the Public's Health, Bans Smoking in City Parks
CNBNEWS ARCHIVES: Thought for the Day submitted by Gary B, "I Love Ya!"

CNBNEWS ARCHIVES: The Good and The Bad for November 2007

CNBNews article posted November 9, 2007


By William E. Cleary Sr.

  • CHEERS-The Tree & Beautification Committee planted 12 spruce (Christmas) trees between the War Memorial and Wing Hing ChineseRestaurant on Saturday, October 20.  The trees are a great addition to our Broadway business corridor and will be used for decorating during various yearly holidays, starting with the Christmas event on December 1.
    An additional 20 more trees were planted in various locations throughout the city to complement the existing tree canopy.  In addition, this month, a small number of members planted 24 mums at the Iron Lady at Proprietor's Park.  Big thumbs up to the community volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to further beautify our City.
  • JEERS- To the stores, food distributors and wholesalers who continue to sell Topps frozen hamburgers, recalled more than a month ago because the meat is contaminated with fatal E. coli bacteria strains.  New Jersey state inspectors still were finding some of the Topps burgers at stores, including one in Gloucester City.  Investigators from the State Division of Consumer Affairs were back in Gloucester City last week and cited another local store for selling toys that were recalled. Both Gloucester City stores were the only two in South Jersey to violate the recall notice. All of the other stores were in North Jersey.
  • JEERS-The people of the City of Camden are in an on-going battle to revive their homes and attract new residents and businesses. However, Fox Undercover discovered a problem that could put a damper on those important efforts. They found the drug methadone being openly sold, bought and consumed in the downtown area, just feet from the County Prosecutor's Office. Acting Camden County prosecutor Joshua Ottenberg told the Fox News reporter, "Arrests would not stop this from happening. We arrest one person and another will take his place."  I never thought of it that way, did you. Why bother to arrest any criminals. Just let them continue to commit crimes.  Mr. Ottenburg's analysis could be the reason Camden City is rated one of the most dangerous in the country.
  • CHEERS-To the Gloucester City Police Department for their continuous effort to control crime in the community. The Uniform Crime Report for Gloucester City reveals there were 28.84 crimes per 1000 people committed in 2006. In 1996, there were 28.30 crimes per 1000 people.  Also Kudos to the Police Department for keeping the public informed by issuing Crime Alerts and a weekly Crime Report.
  • CHEERS- To the Gloucester Catholic High School football team on winning the Non-Public Group 2 title knocking off St. Joseph 24-21. The Rams play for the state title this weekend against Holy Cross.  Also Cheers to the Gloucester Catholic Girls Soccer team on winning the Non-Public A girls' soccer state championship by beating the No. 1 team in the nation, Immaculate Heart Academy 3-0. 
  • CHEERS -To the student at Alice Costello School, Brooklawn who alerted his teacher about a classmate that had a list of children and staff he wanted to harm. That took a lot of courage to stand up and speak out, especially for a child.  Someone is doing something right! An example should be made of that child's actions - a positive example. 
  • CHEERS- To the members of the Mount Ephraim Celebrations Committee for working diligently with town businesses and organizations to purchase wreaths and holiday banners for the light lanterns on West Kings Highway. Also kudos to the Committee on organizing the Halloween festivities. 
  • CHEERS-Sam Conte Sr. and Michelle Orosze of the Mount Ephraim Rotary presented new dictionaries to the third grade students of the Mary Bray School. What a great idea! 
  • CHEERS-Finally, there is a movement to alleviate the heavy traffic congestions on the highways in South Jersey. Plans for a possible extension of the PATCO rail line will be the subject of informational open houses in five South Jersey communities over the next two weeks. One of the meetings will be in Gloucester City, Dec. 4 at the ME Costello School. Under consideration are three proposals to run the line deeper into South Jersey and to extend it along Philadelphia's growing waterfront. The traffic jams and auto accidents on Route 42 and Route 295 are an everyday occurrence. The construction of a new rail line is long overdue. To those that oppose the idea come up with another suggestion to solve the problem; I am listening! 
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