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Preliminary Hearing Thursday for Hammer Wielding Suspect Named Nathaniel Maybin Jr.





(March 15, 2014)--The new date for the preliminary hearing is Monday, April 14, 2014, at the Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center, 1301 Filbert Street, Room 703 at 8AM.  The docket number MC-51-CR-0006130-2014.


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(March 12, 2014)--The Woods family was notified today at 4:30p.m. that tomorrow's (March 13, 2014) preliminary hearing has been postponed. The reason; the counsel for the defense needs more time with his client. 





Woods is knocked unconscious, the alleged suspect continues to strike his victim with the hammer. Image is a still frame from the store's video camera




By William E. Cleary Sr.


PHILADELPHIA PA— Nathaniel Maybin Jr., the hammer-wielding thug from the 800 block of S. 56th Street, will be in court for a *preliminary hearing on Thursday, March 13. He has been charged with attempting to murder 46-year-old David P. Woods Sr., a Gloucester City resident, and businessman. 


HUP surgeons stitched up an 8-inch gash
in the victim's head




On February 20 Maybin allegedly attacked Woods as he walked out of the Maple Deli at 49th and Lancaster in West Philadelphia. The mugging was captured on the store’s video camera. The video shows Woods leaving the store and  walking back to his truck, which was parked in front of the building. He had just used the ATM machine located inside the store. Maybin comes rushing from behind Woods and strikes him with the hammer on the side of his head. Woods is knocked out and falls to the ground, blood gushing out of his head. Even though Woods is unconscious, Maybin hits his victim again and again with the hammer and kicking him in the back. Bernard Williams, who is employed by Woods, jumps out of the truck and goes after Maybin with a crowbar. Maybin runs away.


Somehow Williams is able to get Woods into the truck and drives him to the nearby Presbyterian Hospital. From there Woods was taken to the Hospital of the University of Penn (HUP) where surgeons operated on him for three hours to close up the large laceration in his head.


Woods was hit so hard he is unable speak. HUP doctors said Woods will likely have to go through intensive speech therapy before he can talk again. He is unable to grip anything with his fingers. The owner of Day or Night Door Service, Woods is unable to work because of his injuries. His recovery is expected to take at least a year, said doctors. 


Maybin, who also uses the alias Nathaniel McFarland, surrendered to law enforcement five days after a warrant was issued for his arrest. His lawyer was by his side. He was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and other related charges. He has been held in the county jail on $1 million bail.


According to court records, the 29-year-old Maybin began his criminal career in 2006 at the age of 21. In September of that year, Maybin was charged with theft by criminal conspiracy, receiving stolen property, attempting to elude an officer, aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person. In October 2007 he enters a guilty plea to receiving stolen property, aggravated assault, and attempting to elude an officer.  He is sentenced to a term of not less than 4 months and no more than 23 months. Plus he was told to attend an educational institution or participate in a course of vocational training, participate in drug or alcohol screening, along with two years of probation. 


The other charges from 2006 were dropped.


According to the documents, in 2008 a bench warrant was issued for Maybin for probation violation. He also violated his probation in 2009.


Maybin was arrested on September 17, 2008 by Officer Randy E. Desrosiers of the Upper Darby Township Police Department. He appeared in Delaware County Criminal Court on October 3, 2008. At the time, he was 23-years-old. charges included: robbery, aggravated assault, theft, receiving stolen property. 


The preliminary hearing for his latest crime is set for 8am on Thursday at the Criminal Justice Center, 1301 Filbert Street, Room 703. The presiding judge is the Honorable Thomas F. Gehret. The docket number MC-51-CR-0006130-2014.




*According to a preliminary hearing is a hearing to determine if a person 6a00d8341bf7d953ef0192ac03024d970d-200wi charged with a felony (a serious crime punishable by a term in the state prison) should be tried for the crime charged, based on whether there is some substantial evidence that he/she committed the crime. A preliminary hearing is held in the lowest local court (municipal or police court), but only if the prosecutor has filed the charge without asking the Grand Jury for an indictment for the alleged crime. Such a hearing must be held within a few days after arraignment (presentation in court of the charges and the defendant's right to plead guilty or not guilty). Since neither side wants to reveal its trial strategy, the prosecution normally presents only enough evidence and testimony to show the probability of guilt, and defendants often put on no evidence at all at the preliminary hearing, unless there is a strong chance of getting the charges dismissed. If the judge finds sufficient evidence to try the defendant, the case is sent to the appropriate court (variously called superior, county, district, common pleas) for trial. If there is no such convincing evidence, the judge will dismiss the charges. In the "Perry Mason" television series, the courtroom scenes were almost always of preliminary hearings.


FULL DISCLOSURE: It should be noted that David Woods is the son-in-law of William E. and Connie J. Cleary Sr., the owners of this news site.