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Intervening Angels



by Earl Foster / 

I think everyone has at some point either heard, or coined the phrase "The angels must of been looking out for you" at some time or other. Perhaps a close call or a dangerous encounter of any kind has led you to wonder about this yourself. Have you ever seriously thought about the implications of that? Where did this idea come from or is it truly possible that they do indeed watch over and protect us? While we realize it is subjective and there are a wide variety of opinions about it there are also many who know it to be very true. I am one of the latter and I will share one of my many reasons with you in this article with a true experience from my youth. 

Mind1I was 5 years of age the first time I saw one of my angels. That's right, I said "one": of my angels. People can have more than one. As you remember from earlier articles I have shared, I was not sleeping well and spent a lot of time at night, awake, alone, and afraid. I was seeing and hearing many things at various times and spent most nights huddled in a corner under a blanket fearing what I might encounter at any given time. I struggled for many years with this fear as you know but by simple attrition I learned to employ methods for easing those fears. One such method occurred to me this very night. 

My family were all sleeping, and once again I found myself huddled in the corner of my bedroom, under the blanket peeking out only occasionally if I heard something. It was winter time and the wind outside was howling and rattling windows and this added to my already jangled nerves. The house we lived in was a primary source for my fear at night with a dark entity visiting nightly from the corner of the room and I always did my level best to avoid his visits. I somehow instinctively knew this entity was pure concentrated evil. I was gripped with terror, crouched in the dark with a dim night light shining in from the hallway as the wind whipped outside. (More about this dark entity in later articles). 

I could feel the familiar panic welling up in me and heard the familiar "whoosh" in my ears and I knew the visitor as I had come to call him was entering the room once again from the corner he always emerged from. It was always an almost black mass that just drifted out of the same corner of the bedroom. As terror filled me I remembered some teachings from my Grandmother in regards to angels and about asking them to help when you are afraid. It was at this time I began to speak silently in my mind speak. I began asking angels to please protect me and keep me safe. I asked them to take away my fear. I begged them as if my life depended on it. That's when some truly amazing happened. 

I saw a light, dim at first but getting brighter quickly. As it grew, the dark entity emerging from the corner shrank back quickly as if in fear itself. Then I saw only an outline that looked almost luminescent. She was very bright. She was a very huge and powerful woman. When I say huge, I mean enormous. She was sort of wafting in front of me and she looked right down at me. The sense of her was so powerful and though she did not speak I was instantly calmed. My fears were drained away and it was if I was never afraid at all. My description of her is that as I said she was enormous. She did indeed wear a long flowing gown. I saw the vague shape of wings but they faded in and out and they made her appear all the larger. In her hand she held a sword, a very large powerful sword but it was held at her side now as she looked down at me. 

My seeing her was brief, it lasted only a few moments. I can remember the calm feeling that overtook me. I can remember and know what I saw. I remember the black mass of a frightening entity shrinking back into the corner from which it came. I remember this angel kind of floating there beside me. The next thing I remember is waking up with the sun shining in my window and wondering if I had dreamed this? I realized soon that it was a not a dream when my Mother asked "Why did I have the lights on in my room all night"? I had not put any lights on at all. I simply told her I put the lights on because I was afraid. 

Stariway bwMy thoughts on angels protecting us and watching over us. I think I have already answered that question. If you still ponder this question for yourself I hope this article will help you to know you are not alone in the human condition. 



(Earl Foster is a lifelong resident of South Jersey. He resides in and writes from Brooklawn NJ. Earl can be reached at or through his website at and clicking on the forums tab)

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