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Diva Eats: Spring Risotto


Devil Gourmet, March 24, 2014 at 10:00:09 EDT

It’s officially spring.  Although it may not feel like spring, it is according to the calendar.  It’s funny how once spring arrives, we think that the weather will miraculously become sunny and warm.  I know it eventually will, just as I know summer will be here in less than 3 months.

Spring Risotto

Spring Risotto

Even though the weather may not be too warm, sunny and bright, you can eat food that is. Today I’m sharing my recipe forSPRING RISOTTO.  Please, don’t let the word risotto intimidate you.  I know many people run scared when risotto is involved, because they think it’s difficult to make.  If you can stir, you can make risotto. Trust me!  This recipe is really easy.

SPRING RISOTTO has sweet, tender peas; asparagus tips; zesty lemon; mint and peppery arugula.  So, pour yourself a glass of wine, pick up a wooden spoon, stir and turn the risotto into springtime.

The full recipe is on Diva Eats ItaliaOne Region At A Time. Here’s a secret: thisrecipe  is vegetarian, making it perfect for meatless Monday. 


The Diva

The Diva

To me food means togetherness, fun and laughter. I felt this very early on from my big Italian family. I would love when my parents had family and friends over to our house, which was often, because I knew it was a night of laughter and usually singing, that revolved around too much food. When I moved away from my family in Philadelphia, I missed those times.

After a short career in the fashion world, I became a stay at home mom. Being a creative person, I needed an was it. I began to recreate those happy gatherings of my childhood by throwing big dinners parties, where ther’s too much food, lots of laughter and yes..singing.

With encouragement from family and friends to share my recipes, I began my first blog Diva Eats World. Here I wanted to share recipes from all cuisines, but found myself posting mostly Italian food, this is when Diva Eats Italia was born. I’ve traveled extensively through Italy and with my Italian roots, Diva Eats Italia, was a place where I could share recipes and stories from my family and travels.

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